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    Redux Promise Listener

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    Redux Promise Listener generates an async function that will dispatch a start action, and will resolve or reject the promise when a resolve or reject action is dispatched.

    Libraries like redux-promise or redux-promise-middleware are useful for converting promises to actions. Redux Promise Listener does the inverse: converting actions to promises.


    Most of the popular form libraries accept an onSubmit function that is expected to return a Promise that resolves when the submission is complete, or rejects when the submission fails. This mechanism is fundamentally incompatible with action management libraries like redux-saga, which perform side-effects (e.g. ajax requests) in a way that does not let the submission function easily return a promise. Redux Promise Listener is a potential solution.


    Step 1

    Create and add the middleware as you would with any Redux middleware. Remember to export the middleware!

    // store.js
    import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux'
    import createReduxPromiseListener from 'redux-promise-listener'
    const reduxPromiseListener = createReduxPromiseListener()
    const store = createStore(
      applyMiddleware(...otherMiddleware, reduxPromiseListener.middleware)
    export const promiseListener = reduxPromiseListener // <---- ⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️
    export default store

    Step 2

    If you are using react-redux, your Step 2 is over here.


    Okay, now that those React nerds are gone...

    Wherever you need an async function that dispatches one action and listens for others...

    // someFile.js
    import { promiseListener } from './store.js'
    const generatedAsyncFunction = promiseListener.createAsyncFunction({
      start: 'START_ACTION_TYPE', // the type of action to dispatch when this function is called
      resolve: 'RESOLVE_ACTION_TYPE', // the type of action that will resolve the promise
      reject: 'REJECT_ACTION_TYPE' // the type of action that will reject the promise
    // This structure is in the shape:
    // {
    //   asyncFunction, <--- the async function that dispatches the start action and returns a Promise
    //   unsubscribe    <--- a function to unsubscribe from the Redux store
    // }
    // dispatches an action { type: 'START_ACTION_TYPE', payload: values }
      // called with action.payload when an action of
      // type 'RESOLVE_ACTION_TYPE' is dispatched
      resolvePayload => {
        // do happy stuff 😄
      // called with action.payload when an action of
      // type 'REJECT_ACTION_TYPE' is dispatched
      rejectPayload => {
        // do sad stuff 😢
    // when done, to prevent memory leaks


    createListener: () => PromiseListener

    The default export of this library. Creates a Redux middleware, but that also has a function on it called generateAsyncFunction

    middleware.generateAsyncFunction: (config: Config) => AsyncFunction


    ActionMatcher: Action => boolean

    A predicate with which to make decisions about Redux actions.


    An object with the following values:

    middleware: Middleware

    Redux middleware that should be used when creating your Redux store.

    createAsyncFunction: (config: Config) => AsyncFunction

    Takes a Config and returns an object containing the async function capable of dispatching an action and resolving/rejecting a Promise upon the dispatch of specified actions, and a function to unsubscribe this listener from the Redux store.


    An object with the following values:

    start: string

    The type of action to dispatch when the function is called.

    resolve: string | ActionMatcher

    The type of action that will cause the promise to be resolved, or a predicate function that will return true when given the type of action to resolve for.

    reject: string | ActionMatcher

    The type of action that will cause the promise to be rejected, or a predicate function that will return true when given the type of action to reject for.

    setPayload?: (action: Object, payload: any) => Object

    A function to set the payload (the parameter passed to the async function). Defaults to (action, payload) => ({ ...action, payload }).

    getPayload?: (action: Object) => any

    A function to get the payload out of the resolve action to pass to resolve the promise with. Defaults to (action) => action.payload.

    getError?: (action: Object) => any

    A function to get the error out of the reject action to pass to reject the promise with. Defaults to (action) => action.payload.


    An object with the following values:

    asyncFunction: (payload: any) => Promise<any>

    The async function that will dispatch the start action and return a promise that will resolve when the resolve action is dispatched or reject when the reject action is dispatched.

    unsubscribe: () => void

    A cleanup function that should be called when the async function is no longer needed.

    ⚠️ Failure to call unsubscribe() may result in a memory leak. ⚠️

    If you are using react-redux-promise-listener, this is done for you on componentWillUnmount.




    npm i redux-promise-listener

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