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    Deprecation Notice

    ReduxGTM has been deprecated in favour of Redux Beacon.

    A simple migration guide can be found here.

    Google Tag Manager integration for Redux and ngrx/store

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    npm install --save redux-gtm


    Quick Start

    What You Need First
    How it Works

    In a nutshell, ReduxGTM provides a way for mapping your redux actions to custom Gooogle Tag Manager events. The first step is to create an EventDefinitionsMap which maps your action types to an EventDefinition:

    const eventDefinitionsMap = {
        eventName: 'some-custom-gtm-event',
        eventFields: (state, action) => ({
          'someEventVariable': action.payload

    The object mapped to SOME_ACTION_TYPE is called an EventDefinition. ReduxGTM uses EventDefinitions to generate a custom GTM events. The EventDefinition above will produce an event with following shape:

      'event': 'some-custom-gtm-event',
      'someEventVariable': ... // the value stored in action.payload

    Once we've got an event definitions map, all we have to do is create the middleware, and apply it to our store.

    import reducer from './reducer';
    import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';
    // Import ReduxGTM
    import { createMiddleware } from 'redux-gtm';
    // The event definitions map prepared earlier
    const eventDefinitionsMap = {
        eventName: 'some-custom-gtm-event',
        eventFields: (state, action) => ({
          'someEventVariable': action.payload
    // Create the ReduxGTM middleware
    const middleware = createMiddleware(eventDefinitionsMap);
    // Apply the middleware when creating your Redux store
    const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware(analyticsMiddleware));

    Now, whenever your application dispatches SOME_ACTION_TYPE, ReduxGTM will create the associated custom event and push it to the data layer.

    What Else Can You Do?
    • Use ReduxGTM in React Native and Cordova apps
    • Track analytics events even if one of your users loses connection (offline events tracking)
    • Use one of our starter containers to get up and running in GTM with almost zero configuration
    • Provide multiple event definitions for a single Redux action


    The official docs contain tutorials, examples, and a comprehensive API reference for the latest npm version.


    This project is licensed under the MIT License.


    npm i redux-gtm

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