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You build great forms, but do you know HOW users use your forms? Find out with Form Nerd! Professional analytics from the creator of Redux Form.

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redux-form works with React Redux to enable an html form in React to use Redux to store all of its state.

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If you're just getting started with your application and are looking for a form solution, the general consensus of the community is that you should not put your form state in Redux. The author of Redux Form took all of the lessons he learned about form use cases from maintaining Redux Form and built 🏁 React Final Form, which he recommends you use if you are just starting your project. It's also pretty easy to migrate to from Redux Form, because the <Field> component APIs are so similar. Here is a blog post where he explains his reasoning, or there are two talks if you prefer video. Formik is also a nice solution.

The only good reason, in the author's view, to use Redux Form in your application is if you need really tight coupling of your form data with Redux, specifically if you need to subscribe to it and modify it from parts of your application far from your form component, e.g. on another route. If you don't have that requirement, use 🏁 React Final Form.


npm install --save redux-form


🏖 Code Sandboxes 🏖

You can play around with redux-form in these sandbox versions of the Examples.


A Practical Guide to Redux Form – React Alicante 2017
A Practical Guide to Redux Form – React Alicante 2017
Abstracting Form State with Redux Form – JS Channel 2016
Abstracting Form State with Redux Form – JS Channel 2016


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