Redsmin proxy daemon for the Redsmin service

Redsmin proxy

Redsmin proxy securely expose one or more local Redis instance to Redsmin.

We announce changes on our Twitter account @redsmin and our Facebook page.


RKEY=REDSMIN_CONNECTION_KEY [RURL=redis://] [RAUTH=password] redsmin set_key

Redsmin proxy connects to on port 993 with a secure TLS socket connection. For troubleshooting: What ip/port should I locally open to use Redsmin proxy.

vim "`npm prefix -g`/lib/node_modules/redsmin/etc/redsmin.json"

See: How to change Redsmin proxy Redis host/port.

npm uninstall redsmin -g
  • Fixed an exception from Backoff library
  • Handle both connection string format, with or without redis://
  • Refactored unit-tests
  • Fix unit-tests
  • Fix another rare case of missing reconnection
  • Fix rare case of missing reconnection
  • TLS support
  • Redsmin proxy now connects on
  • Support for RAUTH env variable, must be used with set_key to setup an authentication.
  • Support for REDSMIN_CONFIG env variable
  • Support for REDSMIN_DEBUG env variable, if it exists, in/out will be written on screen.