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A NodeJS, stateful, console-based Redmine client.

Installation & Setup

npm install -g redmine-cli

Connect to your Redmine instance.

>redmine connect http://your.server/redmine yourApiKey

Note: Unless you don't want to switch to another Redmine instance you only need to call this once.

You are all set, have fun :)


Display available commands and options.

>redmine --help
Usage: redmine [options] [command]
connect <url> <apiKey>                        Connect to server using API key for authentication.
projects                                      Display projects.
project <identifier>                          Display project details.
update-project [options] <identifier>         Update the specified project.
create-project [options] <name> <identifier>  Create a new project.
issues [options]                              Display issues.
issue [options] <id>                          Display issue details.
update-issue [options] <id>                   Update the specified issue.
create-issue [options] <project> <subject>    Create a new issue.
statuses                                      Display available issue statuses.
trackers                                      Display available trackers.
priorities                                    Display available priorities.
users                                         Display users (requires admin priviliges).
user <id>                                     Display user details (requires admin priviliges).
open <id>                                     Open issue in default browser.
  -h, --help     output usage information
  -V, --version  output the version number

Or display the options of a certain command.

>redmine issues --help
  Usage: issues [options]
  Display issues.
    -h, --help                 output usage information
    -p, --project <project>    Only display issues for the specified project.
    -P, --priority <priority>  Only display issues with specified priority.
    -a, --assignee <assignee>  Only display issues for the specified assignee.
    -s, --status <status>      Only display issues with the specified status.
    -t, --tracker <tracker>    Only display issues for the specified tracker.
    -m, --me                   Only display issues assigned to me.
    -o, --open                 Only display open issues.
    -c, --closed               Only display closed issues.


Display all issues assigned to you with status New.

>redmine issues --me --status=New
#2  Bug      New     High      Admin Istrator  This is a bug. 
#1  Feature  New     Urgent    Admin Istrator  This is a feature. 

Display a certain issue with history.

>redmine issue 2 --history
BUG #2 
This is a feature.
Added by Admin Istrator a month ago. Updated a day ago.
New     Normal    Admin Istrator
This is a feature description.
 * Updated by Admin Istrator 21 days ago.
   Status changed from 'In Progress' to 'New'.
 * Updated by Admin Istrator 21 days ago.
   Tracker changed from 'Feature' to 'Bug'.
 * Updated by Admin Istrator 21 days ago.
   Assignee changed from 'nobody' to 'John Doe'.
 * Updated by Admin Istrator 14 days ago.
   Assignee changed from 'John Doe' to 'Admin Istrator'.
 * Updated by Admin Istrator a day ago.
   Priority changed from 'High' to 'Normal'.

Note: In order to resolve some properties within the history, displaying an issue with history may take a few moments longer. If you are not interested in the history just skip the according option.


It's still under active development!



  • New features
  • Update projects
  • Create projects
  • Improvements
  • Extended issue details


  • New features
    • Update Issues
    • Create Issues
    • Display user details
  • Improved stability
    • 100% test coverage


  • Several improvements
    • Memberlist in project details is now grouped by role
    • Removed table borders to be able to display more actual data on screen
    • Added bold formatting for section headers
    • Connect command is now validating provided urland apiKey
    • Enhanced some templates to either hide sections when no data is set or to display 'XX not set' message
  • New features
    • Filters for issue list do now accept human readable names instead of internal ids
    • Issue details may now also be displayed with issue history
    • Added new 'users' command to display list of users
  • Fixes
    • Fixed text of some error messages