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npm downloads is a documentation webpage for RecordRTC.js. It is open-sourced in github and everyone can collaborate to improve documentation.

To contribute:

  1. You should modify RecordRTC.js file (aka latest.js file)
  2. You'll see that each function/property/method is having comments (format is chosen from
  3. Using jsdoc tool, you can generate documentation HTML pages from latest.js file
  4. You should NEVER modify HTML pages. You merely need to modify latest.js file for documentation.

Steps to contribute:

  1. Modify latest.js file
  2. Use below NPM-commands to generate HTML pages.
  3. Manually copy/paste latest.js file in the resulting directory
  4. Copy directory and replace in RecordRTC github clone's gh-pages section
  5. Send a pull-request and done!
# First step: install template and javascript file
npm install

# Second step: generate HTML files from template & latest.js file
cd node_modules && cd

# This command generates HTML pages from latest.js file

# for Linux/Mac
node_modules/.bin/jsdoc node_modules/recordrtc/RecordRTC.js -d ./../../recordrtc-gh-pages node_modules/recordrtc/ -t template

# for Windows
node_modules\.bin\jsdoc node_modules\recordrtc\RecordRTC.js -d .\..\..\recordrtc-gh-pages node_modules\recordrtc\ -t template

Now you'll see a directory with name

# This command runs index.html file
# You can use it to preview HTML pages (doc files)

# for Linux/mac

# for Windows

Send pull requests

Now, you should fork this repository:

And push/pull directory to gh-pages.

How to modify latest.js file?

RecordRTC is using comments format from jsdoc:


* Description
@summary Summary
@typedef Hello
* var some = new Something();

Example - stopRecording method:

 * This method stops recording. It takes single "callback" argument. It is suggested to get blob or URI in the callback to make sure all encoders finished their jobs.
 * @param {function} callback - This callback function is invoked after completion of all encoding jobs.
 * @method
 * @memberof RecordRTC
 * @instance
 * @example
 * recordRTC.stopRecording(function(videoURL) {
 *     video.src = videoURL;
 * });
 * @todo Implement <code class="str">recordRTC.stopRecording().getDataURL(callback);</code>
stopRecording: stopRecording,


RecordRTC.js is released under MIT licence . Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.


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