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React function component for displaying javascript arrays and JSON objects. Supports all JS types.

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npm i react18-json-view
npm i react18-json-view@canary


import JsonView from 'react18-json-view'
import 'react18-json-view/src/style.css'
// If dark mode is needed, import `dark.css`.
// import 'react18-json-view/src/dark.css'

<JsonView src={my_json_object} />

// If needed, you can use the internal stringify function.
// import { stringify } from 'react18-json-view'


Name Type Default Description
src JSON Object None This property contains your input JSON
className string None The CSS class name(s) to apply to the component.
style JSON Object None An object containing custom style rules to apply to the component.
dark boolean false Keep in dark mode (Don't forget to import dark.css)
theme default | a11y | github | vscode | atom|winter-is-coming 'default' Color theme
enableClipboard boolean true Whether enable clipboard feature.
matchesURL boolean true Show the link icon if value is string and matches URL regex pattern.
urlRegExp RegExp /^(((ht|f)tps?):\/\/)?([^!@#$%^&*?.\s-]([^!@#$%^&*?.\s]{0,63}[^!@#$%^&*?.\s])?\.)+[a-z]{2,6}\/?/ URL RegExp pattern.
displaySize boolean | integer | 'collapsed' | 'expanded' false Whether display the size of Object, Array.
collapseStringsAfterLength integer 99 When an integer value is assigned, strings longer than that length will be truncated and indicated by an ellipsis. To expand or collapse the string content, simply click on the string value.
customizeCollapseStringUI (str_show: string, truncated: boolean) => (JSX.Element | string) | string - Customize the collapse string UI.
ignoreLargeArray boolean false Prevent collapsing large array(length > 100) behavior since v0.2.7
collapseStringMode 'directly' | 'word' | 'address' 'directly' If the word is assigned, the collapsed length will be adjusted to fully display the last word.
collapsed boolean | integer | function false When set to true(false), all nodes will be (not) collapsed by default. When using an integer value, it will collapse at a specific depth. The collapsed also can be a function.
collapseObjectsAfterLength integer 99 When an integer value is assigned, the object and array will initially collapse.
editable boolean | {add?: boolean, edit?: boolean, delete?: boolean} false When set to true, you can add, edit, or delete the property, and the actions will trigger onAdd, onEdit, or onDelete. Options is available.
onAdd function - (params: { indexOrName: string| number, depth: number, src: any; parentType: 'object' | 'array' }) => void
onDelete function - (params:{ value: any,indexOrName: string | number,depth: number,src: any,parentType: 'object' | 'array'}) => void
onEdit function - (params: { newValue: any, oldValue: any, depth: number, src: any, indexOrName: string | number, parentType: 'object' | 'array'}) => void
customizeNode ReactElement|ReactComponent|Options - Highly customize every node.
customizeCopy (node: any) => any internal stringify Customize copy behavior, only the returned non-empty string will be written to clipboard.

Collapsed function

(params: {
    node: Record<string, any> | Array<any> // Object or array
    indexOrName: number | string | undefined
    depth: number
    size: number // Object's size or array's length
  }) => boolean

Editable options

  add?: boolean
  edit?: boolean
  delete?: boolean


(params: { node: any; indexOrName: number | string | undefined; depth: number }) =>
  | {
    add?: boolean
    edit?: boolean
    delete?: boolean
    enableClipboard?: boolean
    collapsed?: boolean
    className?: string
  | React.FC
  | typeof React.Component
  | React.ReactElement<any, any>


How to generate object/array

The editor uses eval(<input-value>). While in edit mode, you can enter ({}) or ([]), which will cause the result of eval to become a new object or array.

{} and [] will be auto convert to ({}),([])

How the editor works

This component does not perform any cloning operations, so every step of the operation is carried out on the original object. If cloning is required, please handle it yourself.

Edit keyboard shortcuts

When element is editable:

  • Ctrl/Cmd+Click => Edit Mode
  • Enter => Submit
  • Esc => Cancel

Custom themes

Below are the default theme variables that you can easily customize to fit your needs.

.json-view {
  color: #4d4d4d;
  --json-property: #009033;
  --json-index: #676dff;
  --json-number: #676dff;
  --json-string: #b2762e;
  --json-boolean: #dc155e;
  --json-null: #dc155e;
.json-view .json-view--property { color: var(--json-property); }
.json-view .json-view--index { color: var(--json-index); }
.json-view .json-view--number { color: var(--json-number); }
.json-view .json-view--string { color: var(--json-string); }
.json-view .json-view--boolean { color: var(--json-boolean); }
.json-view .json-view--null { color: var(--json-null); }


react-json-view does not support React 18.


  • [x] copy (enableClipboard)
  • [x] css
  • [x] collapse at a particular depth (collapsed)
  • [x] editable
    • [x] add
    • [x] edit
    • [x] delete
    • [x] onChange
    • [ ] onSelect
  • [x] dark mode
  • [ ] custom icon
    • [x] export default icons
  • [x] more usability/scenarios
  • [ ] gif guide
  • [x] more color themes(dark)
  • [x] collapse objects callback
  • [x] editable option
  • [x] advance customization
    • [ ] access internal actions
  • [ ] map/set viewer
  • [ ] display data type
  • [x] display object size
  • [ ] handle circle loop
  • [x] redesign docs
  • [x] truncate long strings
  • [ ] custom stringify
  • [x] split large array
  • tree?


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