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$ npm install react-truncate


import Truncate from 'react-truncate';
// ...
class Foo extends Component {
    render() {
        return (
            <Truncate lines={3} ellipsis={<span>... <a href='/link/to/article'>Read more</a></span>}>

Hint: (Generally with React) if you want to preserve newlines from plain text, you need to do as follows:

    {text.split('\n').map((line, i, arr) => {
        const line = <span key={i}>{line}</span>;
        if (=== arr.length - 1) {
            return line;
        } else {
            return [line, <br key={+ 'br'} />];


Prop Type Default Description Example
lines integer, boolean {false} 1 Specifies how many lines of text should be preserved until it gets truncated. false and any integer < 1 will result in the text not getting clipped at all. (false, -1, 0), 1, ...
ellipsis string, React node '…' An ellipsis that is added to the end of the text in case it is truncated. '...', <span>...</span>, <span>... <a href='#' onClick={someHandler}>Read more</a></span>, [<span key='some'>Some</span>, <span key='siblings'>siblings<span>]
children string, React node The text to be truncated. Anything that can be evaluated as text. 'Some text', <p>Some paragraph <a/>with other text-based inline elements<a></p>, <span>Some</span><span>siblings</span>
trimWhitespace boolean false If true, whitespace will be removed from before the ellipsis (e.g. words ... will become words... instead) <Truncate trimWhitespace>{longText}</Truncate>
width number 0 If not 0, the calculation of the content will be based on this number. <Truncate trimWhitespace>{longText}</Truncate>
onTruncate function Gets invoked on each render. Gets called with true when text got truncated and ellipsis was injected, and with false otherwise. isTruncated => isTruncated !== this.state.isTruncated && this.setState({ isTruncated })

Known issues

  • Resize content when the size of parent container changed (use the width property or call ref.onResize()). See issue
  • Text exceeding horizontal boundaries when "viewport" meta tag is not set accordingly for mobile devices (font boosting leads to wrong calculations). See issue
  • Output in plain text only - no support for markup/HTML. See issue
  • Wrong line breaks when custom font is loading after the component has rendered. See issue
  • No support for letter spacing / word spacing. See issue

Integrated example for toggling "read more" text

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import Truncate from 'react-truncate';
class ReadMore extends Component {
    constructor(...args) {
        this.state = {
            expanded: false,
            truncated: false
        this.handleTruncate = this.handleTruncate.bind(this);
        this.toggleLines = this.toggleLines.bind(this);
    handleTruncate(truncated) {
        if (this.state.truncated !== truncated) {
    toggleLines(event) {
            expanded: !this.state.expanded
    render() {
        const {
        } = this.props;
        const {
        } = this.state;
        return (
                    lines={!expanded && lines}
                        <span>... <a href='#' onClick={this.toggleLines}>{more}</a></span>
                {!truncated && expanded && (
                    <span> <a href='#' onClick={this.toggleLines}>{less}</a></span>
ReadMore.defaultProps = {
    lines: 3,
    more: 'Read more',
    less: 'Show less'
ReadMore.propTypes = {
    children: PropTypes.node.isRequired,
    lines: PropTypes.number,
    less: PropTypes.string,
    more: PropTypes.string
export default ReadMore;


Install system libraries needed for development dependencies

Install development dependencies

$ npm install

Run tests

$ npm test

Run code linter

$ npm run lint

Compile to ES5 from /src to /lib

$ npm run compile

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