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🌗 react-theme-mode

Hook to manage your theme mode in React.

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Do you often find yourself in a situation where you have to implement once more the theme mode management in your React application ?

Would you like your theme mode to be saved in your users' browser for future visits ?

Well, if so, react-theme-mode was made for you. It handles all those features for you. It comes you with a pair of Provider and Hook that will provide you with the following features:

  • Management of the theme mode across all your React application.
  • The Hook comes with a simple interface: the theme and a setter.
  • The theme mode picked by your users will automatically be saved to their localStorage.
  • Next time your users visit your application, their saved theme mode will be used by default.

Note: react-theme-mode is also Server-Side-Rendering friendly! :)


Since the library was built using React, you will need the following dependancy to make it work:

Get Started


yarn add react-theme-mode or npm add react-theme-mode.


react-theme-mode is shipped in both cjs and esm formats, so you can use either ES5 or ES6+ imports:


import { useThemeMode } from 'react-theme-mode'


const { useThemeMode } = require('react-theme-mode')

Also: react-theme-mode is tree-shakeable and side-effects free!


You only need two steps to get started:

1. The Provider

Since react-theme-mode is built using React's Context, you will need to wrap your React application, or at least the part of your application that will consume the Hook inside the <ThemeModeProvider> component:

import { ThemeModeProvider } from 'react-theme-mode'
import SomeComponent from './SomeComponent'
const App = () => {
  return (
    <ThemeModeProvider defaultTheme="dark">
      <SomeComponent />

Please note that the defaultTheme prop is mandatory in case the client doesn't have any theme saved in the broswer yet.

You may be rendering your React application on server-side using CSS-in-JS solutions - in this case, since the views are built on the server, there is no localStorage to access to. You will need to pass the isSSR prop to the <ThemeModeProvider> so that it re-renders the views on runtime, to take into account the theme mode stored in the localStorage.

2. The Hook

You can then consume the useThemeMode() hook and manage your theme from SomeComponent:

import { useThemeMode } from 'react-theme-mode'
const SomeComponent = () => {
  const [theme, setTheme] = useThemeMode()
  return (
      <p>Current theme: {theme}</p>
      <button onClick={() => setTheme('light')}>light theme</button>

The setTheme() function will automatically save the new theme in the localStorage for future visits. You can disable this default behavior using the noStorage prop. See the API section below for more references.

Since the useThemeMode() hook is using a Context, you can manage your theme from anywhere inside your React application.



A React provider. Provides a state management for the theme mode. You need to wrap any of your components that consume the useThemeMode() hook inside it. It acts mainly as a initializer of your theme.


Props Type Default Value Description
defaultTheme* string The default theme mode. The provider will fallback to this value if it does not find the saved mode in the localStorage. Required.
isSSR boolean false If you are rendering your front-end on server-side, and using CSS-in-JS solutions, set this prop to true. Since localStorage is not available on server-side, we need to update the internal state during runtime, and re-render the react views.
noStorage boolean false By default, the theme-mode selected by the vistor is saved in the localStorage. Use this prop if you don't want to save it nor use it as initial value.


<ThemeModeProvider defaultTheme="dark">
  <SomeComponent />


A React hook. You can use this hook to manage your theme across your application on runtime. Just like React.setState(), the hook returns an array of 2 elements: the theme and its setter.

By default, it will look for the value stored in the localStorage. If it does not exist, it will fallback to the defaultTheme you give it. If no defaultTheme is given, it will return null.


  • Array [string | null, (string) => void]: the array containing the theme and its setter.


const [theme, setTheme] = useThemeMode()


Any contribution would be more than welcome.

Found any bugs or you have some ideas ? Please, open an issue or a PR! :)

The following commands are executed with yarn, but you can of course use any package manager tool like npm or npx.

To install dependencies:

yarn install

To build the project:

yarn build

To run the tests:

yarn test

Before you commit:

yarn validate



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