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    react-scrollaware (React Scroll-aware HoC)

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    A React Higher-order Component for create scroll-aware wrapped components. Works in all containers that can scroll, including the window

    The intended purpouse of this component is abstract a well tested scroll event handler pattern and build complex scroll behaviours on top of it.



    npm install react-scrollaware --save


    • User should provide its own React and React-DOM package
    • on npm 2 enviroments, package fbjs should be installed too:
    npm install fbjs --save

    fbjs package

    fbjs is a collection of utility libraries created by React Team. It include useful modules like warning and invariant


    // scrolled-min.jsx
    import React from 'react';
    import scrollAware from 'react-scrollaware';
    export const ScrolledMinimal = scrollAware(class extends React.Component {
      _handleScroll(event) {
        console.log('scrolled: ', event);
      render() {
        return <span style={{fontSize: 0}} />;

    What is need to know?

    • This example represent the minimal posible setup. Any wrapped scroll-aware component must have a _handleScroll class method.

    • Component´s _handleScroll will fired wherever ocurr a onScroll event in the scrollable ancestor or get resized

    • Filtering scroll events relay on wrapped component.

    Prop types

      propTypes: {
         * Scrollable Ancestor - A custom ancestor is useful in cases where
         * you do not want the immediate scrollable ancestor or `window` to be
         * the container.
        scrollableAncestor: PropTypes.any,
         * The `throttleHandler` prop provides a function that throttle the internal
         * scroll handler to increase performance.
         * See the section on "Throttling" for details on how to use it.
        throttleHandler: PropTypes.func,
         * react-scrollaware by default callback '_handleScroll' class method of wrapped
         * component wherever a 'scroll' or 'resize' event occur.
         * The `handleScroll` prop provides a different class method name to
         * wrapped component event handler.
        handleScroll: PropTypes.string

    Containing elements and scrollableAncestor

    react-scrollaware attach the event handler to first scrollable ancestor of the wrapped component.

    If that algorithm doesn't work for your use case, then you might find the scrollableAncestor prop useful. It allows you to specify what the scrollable ancestor is. Pass a node as that prop, and the react-scrollaware will use the scroll position of that node, rather than its first scrollable ancestor.

    Example Usage

    Sometimes, scroll-aware components that are deeply nested in the DOM tree may need to track the scroll position of the page as a whole. If you want to be sure that no other scrollable ancestor is used (since, once again, the first scrollable ancestor is what the library will use by default), then you can explicitly set the scrollableAncestor to be the window to ensure that no other element is used.

    This might look something like:

    <ScrolledMinimal scrollableAncestor={window} />


    By default, react-scrollaware will trigger on every scroll event. In most cases, this works just fine. But if you find yourself wanting to tweak the scrolling performance, the throttleHandler prop can come in handy. You pass in a function that returns a different (throttled) version of the function passed in. Here's an example using lodash.throttle:

    // scrolled-min-throttle.jsx
    import React from 'react';
    import throttle from 'lodash.throttle';
    import { ScrolledMinimal } from './scrolled-min';
    export function ScrolledMinimalThrottle200(props) {
      return React.createElement(ScrolledMinimal, {
       throttleHandler: (scrollHandler) => throttle(scrollHandler, 200)

    The argument passed in to the throttle handler function, scrollHandler, is react-scrollaware internal scroll handler. The throttleHandler is only invoked once during the lifetime of a react-scrollaware (when is mounted).

    To prevent errors coming from the fact that the scroll handler can be called after the react-scrollaware is unmounted, it's a good idea to cancel the throttle function on unmount. If used throttle function have a cancel function, react-scrollaware will call it on component unmount.

    handleScroll prop

    Example Usage

    // scrolled-min.jsx
    import React from 'react';
    import scrollAware from 'react-scrollaware';
    function ScrolledMinimal(props) {
      return React.createElement(scrollAware(class ScrolledMinimal extends React.Component {
        onScroll(event) {
          console.log('scrolled: ', event);
        render() {
          return <span style={{fontSize: 0}} />;
       { ...props, handleScroll: 'onScroll' }


    If your component isn't working the way you expect it to. Clone and modify the project locally.

    • clone this repo
    • add console.log or breakpoints where you think it would be useful.
    • npm link in the react-scrollaware repo.
    • npm link react-scrollaware in your project.
    • if needed rebuild react-scrollaware module: npm run build-npm

    Local development advice

    This package have peerDependencies on 'React' and 'React-DOM' modules. Don't install react or react-dom on local react-scrollaware if they had been previously installed on your app project. Many local react and react-dom package instances conflict between them. One way to solved is:

    cd "current App project"/node_modules/react
    npm link
    cd react-scrollaware
    npm link react

    Repeat steps for react-dom


    react-scrolled WIP project, is a library of scroll behaviours components and HoC.


    This project is based on React Waypoint team and contributors code.


    • Documentation improvement
    • Feel free to send any PR




    npm i react-scrollaware

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