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Provides routing and server rendering utilities via the HTML5 History API to React components. Use this with react-redux-provide as a simpler alternative to react-router.


npm install react-redux-provide-page --save


This provides React components with the HTML5 History API via the following propTypes:

  • pushWindowPath - works exactly like window.history.pushState except arguments are reversed (path then title then state)
  • replaceWindowPath - works exactly like window.history.replaceState except arguments are reversed (path then title then state)
  • setDocumentTitle - sets document.title (why? see the following reducers)

Your components may also be provided the following reduced props:

  • windowPath - essentially window.location.pathname
  • documentTitle - when navigating through history, this gets updated
  • historyData - essentially window.history.state, which is actually the action that triggered the navigation; avoid using this directly but it's there if you absolutely need it

A few notes:

  1. Upon initializing the store, replaceWindowPath is automatically called which can be used to properly initialize the state of any other providers who make use of this provider's REPLACE_WINDOW_PATH action type.

  2. When navigating through history (i.e., when the popstate event is triggered on the window), if a path is present within the window.history.state, the REPLACE_WINDOW_PATH action type will be dispatched on top of the window.history.state (stored action) to indicate that the window.location.pathname has been changed; or if only a title is present for some reason, the SET_DOCUMENT_TITLE action type will be dispatched instead.

  3. If you're migrating to this from react-router or if you want a quick and easy way to include links in your app that work both clientside and serverside, you can import { Link } from 'react-redux-provide-page'; and use it like any other a element.

  4. The equivalent of router.transitionTo is to provide the pushWindowPath and/or replaceWindowPath to your components and use wherever necessary.


See bloggur and its entries provider for a good example of how to create providers that depend on the current path. (Note: react-redux-provide's shareStore utility function helps when you need providers to depend on one another.)


npm i react-redux-provide-page

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