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The list and the items in them have distinct essence.

This library aims to manage attributes of a list – loading items from an endpoint, pagination and efficiently loading large number of items with react-virtualized.

The modularity afforded by React component composition and redux reducers helps us interact with the items regardless of the composition of the items within the Feed component.

This separation of concern prevents redundant code for multiple feeds in your app.

The library also provides a well-thought data shape for your redux store.

You can watch a Live Demo here.

Who will use this?

Any app which displays multiple feeds within the app will benefit from this repo. The feeds are stored in a data shape which are normalizr friendly. Normalizr helps to store data without redundancy.

Getting Started

Get the package

npm install react-redux-feed


react-redux-feed consist of two parts

  • A component - responsible for rendering a feed in the DOM
  • A reducer - responsible for updating the state of the feed in redux store

Use the Feed component

import Feed from './Feed'
function SimpleFeed (props) {
  return (

We will talk about the config shortly

Include the feedReducer

import { combineReducers } from 'redux'
import { feedsReducer } from 'react-redux-feed'
var rootReducer = combineReducers({
  feeds: feedsReducer,
  // other reducers

Configs as props to the feed

name: String [required] Name should be a string which can uniquely identify the feed in your app

itemIdKey: String Every item in the feed has a key which can uniquely identify it within the feed. idKey is the name of the key. The default value of idKey is id.

itemComponent: Component [required] A React component which will be used to render an item in the feed

itemHeight: Number The height of the item in pixels. The default height given is 130px.

getInitialEndpoint: (getState) => String [required] The user needs to return the source endpoint of the feed. The function receives an argument getState which when invoked returns the current state of the redux store.

updateEndpoint: ({headers, results, direction}) => String [required] The Feed needs to have a way figure out how to fetch the next set of items. This function gets the headers, the results and pagination direction as arguments.

The headers object is part of the response as described by the fetch specs.

direction is a string and can have two values

  • above - the user is trying to load items above the feed
  • below - the user is trying to load items below the feed

The return value of this method should be a url.

hasMoreItems: (response, direction) => boolean [required] The function will receive the same arguments as updateEndpoint. It needs to return a boolean which states whether there are any further items in the feed.

loaderComponent: Component A component which will be used whenever items in the feed are loading. The default is the text, 'Loading'.

headerComponent: Component A component which will be used to display a header above the feed.

Here is an example of how config looks for feed displaying gists of a user.

ReduxStore Data Shape

  "feeds": {
    "entities": {
      "simple": [{
          "data": "item"
    "paginations": {
      "simple": {
        "isFetching": false
    "errors": {
      "simple": {}

Running the example

Clone the repo.


yarn run storybook

The examples lists feeds from distinct sources

  • Gists of a user
  • Keyword search stream from Twitter
  • Topics from a subreddit

You can check the configs of all these feeds here

Potential Features

  • Lifecycle hooks for feed
  • Establish relationships between different feeds
  • Dispatch actions if any item in a feed matches a criteria
  • Group items in a feed
  • Support async search for a feed
  • Dispatch actions after bulk selection of items

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