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react-parallax NPM version


yarn add react-parallax

Demo on codesandbox


If you find any bug or have problems and/or ideas regarding this library feel free to open an issue or pull request. Either way please create a working example so I can reproduce it. Link to a repository or even easier - fork the demo codesandbox project. This would help a lot.

This project is maintained during evenings and weekends. If you like it, please consider to buy me a coffee ;-) ...or contribute in other ways.

Usage examples

Basic - background image with fixed blur effect

import { Parallax } from 'react-parallax';

const Container = () => (
    <Parallax blur={10} bgImage="path/to/image.jpg" bgImageAlt="the cat" strength={200}>
        Content goes here. Parallax height grows with content height.

Dynamic blur and negative strength for reverse direction

import { Parallax, Background } from 'react-parallax';

const Container = () => (
        blur={{ min: -15, max: 15 }}
        bgImageAlt="the dog"
        Blur transition from min to max
        <div style={{ height: '200px' }} />

Custom background element

Use the background component for custom elements. Unlike the bgImage this one will not be scaled depending on the parent/window width.

import { Parallax, Background } from 'react-parallax';

const Container = () => (
    <Parallax strength={300}>
        <Background className="custom-bg">
            <img src="" alt="fill murray" />

Render prop

Calculate your own stuff depending on the percentage value.

import { Parallax, Background } from 'react-parallax';

const Container = () => (
        renderLayer={percentage => (
                    position: 'absolute',
                    background: `rgba(255, 125, 0, ${percentage * 1})`,
                    left: '50%',
                    top: '50%',
                    width: percentage * 500,
                    height: percentage * 500,
        <p>... Content</p>

Background Component

Child nodes inside this Background will be positioned like the bgImage behind the other children. Unlike the bgImage there is no automatic scaling.


Name Type Default Description example
bgImage String path to the background image that makes parallax effect
bgImageAlt String alt text for bgImage.
bgImageSize String img sizes attribute.
bgImageSrcSet String img srcset attribute
style Object style object for the component itself
bgStyle Object additional style object for the bg image/children Valid style attributes
bgClassName String custom classname for image
contentClassName String react-parallax-content custom classname for parallax inner
bgImageStyle Object set background image styling {height: '50px', maxWidth: '75px', opacity: '.5'}
strength Number 100 parallax effect strength (in pixel). this will define the amount of pixels the background image is translated
blur Number 0 or {min:0, max:5} number value for background image blur or object in format {min:0, max:5} for dynamic blur depending on scroll position
renderLayer Function Function that gets a percentage value of the current position as parameter for custom calculationa. It renders a layer above the actual background, below children. renderLayer={percentage => (<div style={{ background:`rgba(255, 125, 0, ${percentage * 1})`}}/> )}
disabled Boolean false turns off parallax effect if set to true {height: '50px', maxWidth: '75px', opacity: '.5'}
className String set an additional className
parent Node document set optional parent for nested scrolling
children used to display any content inside the react-parallax component


# setup
# Development, live reload, JSX transpiling, run:
yarn dev

Port 3000 on all OS by default. Can be set with option -port=8080



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