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    Showing web push notifications from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

    React OneSignal

    This is a JavaScript module that can be used to easily include OneSignal code in a website or app that uses React for its front-end codebase.

    OneSignal is the world's leader for Mobile Push Notifications, Web Push, and In-App Messaging. It is trusted by 800k businesses to send 5 billion Push Notifications per day.

    You can find more information on OneSignal here.

    Migration Guide

    Version 2.0 was recently released. Read the Migration Guide here if you're coming from a version 1 release of the SDK.



    You can use yarn or npm.


    yarn add react-onesignal


    npm install --save react-onesignal


    Initialize OneSignal with your appId via the options parameter:

    import OneSignal from 'react-onesignal';
    OneSignal.init({ appId: 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx' });

    The init function returns a promise that resolves when OneSignal is loaded.


    await OneSignal.init({ appId: 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx' });
    // do other stuff

    const [initialized, setInitialized] = useState(false);
    OneSignal.init({ appId: 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx' }).then(() => {
      OneSignal.showSlidedownPrompt().then(() => {
        // do other stuff


    You can pass other options to the init function. Use these options to configure personalized prompt options, auto-resubscribe, and more.

    OneSignal API


    This package includes Typescript support.

    interface OneSignal {
      init(options?: any): Promise<void>
      on(event: string, listener: Function): void
      off(event: string, listener: Function): void
      once(event: string, listener: Function): void
      isPushNotificationsEnabled(callback?: Action<boolean>): Promise<boolean>
      showHttpPrompt(options?: AutoPromptOptions): void
      registerForPushNotifications(options?: RegisterOptions): Promise<void>
      setDefaultNotificationUrl(url: string): void
      setDefaultTitle(title: string): void
      getTags(callback?: Action<any>): void
      sendTag(key: string,  value: any,  callback?: Action<Object>): Promise<Object | null>
      sendTags(tags: TagsObject<any>,  callback?: Action<Object>): Promise<Object | null>
      deleteTag(tag: string): Promise<Array<string>>
      deleteTags(tags: Array<string>,  callback?: Action<Array<string>>): Promise<Array<string>>
      addListenerForNotificationOpened(callback?: Action<Notification>): void
      setSubscription(newSubscription: boolean): Promise<void>
      showHttpPermissionRequest(options?: AutoPromptOptions): Promise<any>
      showNativePrompt(): Promise<void>
      showSlidedownPrompt(options?: AutoPromptOptions): Promise<void>
      showCategorySlidedown(options?: AutoPromptOptions): Promise<void>
      showSmsSlidedown(options?: AutoPromptOptions): Promise<void>
      showEmailSlidedown(options?: AutoPromptOptions): Promise<void>
      showSmsAndEmailSlidedown(options?: AutoPromptOptions): Promise<void>
      getNotificationPermission(onComplete?: Function): Promise<NotificationPermission>
      getUserId(callback?: Action<string | undefined | null>): Promise<string | undefined | null>
      getSubscription(callback?: Action<boolean>): Promise<boolean>
      setEmail(email: string,  options?: SetEmailOptions): Promise<string|null>
      setSMSNumber(smsNumber: string,  options?: SetSMSOptions): Promise<string | null>
      logoutEmail(): void
      logoutSMS(): void
      setExternalUserId(externalUserId: string | undefined | null,  authHash?: string): Promise<void>
      removeExternalUserId(): Promise<void>
      getExternalUserId(): Promise<string | undefined | null>
      provideUserConsent(consent: boolean): Promise<void>
      getEmailId(callback?: Action<string | undefined>): Promise<string | null | undefined>
      getSMSId(callback?: Action<string | undefined>): Promise<string | null | undefined>
      sendOutcome(outcomeName: string,  outcomeWeight?: number | undefined): Promise<void>

    OneSignal API

    See the official OneSignal WebSDK reference for information on all available SDK functions.

    Advanced Usage

    Events and Event Listeners

    You can also listen for native OneSignal events like subscriptionChange.


    OneSignal.on('subscriptionChange', function(isSubscribed) {
      console.log("The user's subscription state is now:", isSubscribed);

    See the OneSignal WebSDK Reference for all available event listeners.


    Special thanks to pedro-lb and others for work on the project this package is based on.


    npm i react-onesignal

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