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React Native Snackbar

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Material Design "Snackbar" component for Android and iOS. Supports custom colors, fonts, and languages.

Snackbar screenshot

Snackbars are used for displaying a brief message to the user, along with an optional action. They animate up from the bottom of the screen and then disappear shortly afterward.

See Google's Material Design guidelines for more info on Snackbars and when to use them.

How it works

  text: 'Hello world',
  duration: Snackbar.LENGTH_SHORT,

Or, to include an action button:

  text: 'Hello world',
  duration: Snackbar.LENGTH_INDEFINITE,
  action: {
    text: 'UNDO',
    textColor: 'green',
    onPress: () => { /* Do something. */ },


  1. Install:

    • Using npm: npm install react-native-snackbar --save
    • Using Yarn: yarn add react-native-snackbar
  2. Link:

    • RN >= 0.60 supports autolinking: first cd ios && pod install && cd ..
    • RN < 0.60: react-native link react-native-snackbar
    • Or if that fails, link manually using these steps
    • Note that because this is a native module, Expo does not support it -- to use with Expo you need to eject to ExpoKit
  3. Import it in your JS:

    import Snackbar from 'react-native-snackbar';



Shows a Snackbar, dismissing any existing Snackbar first. Accepts an object with the following options:

Key Data type Default value? Description
text string Required. The message to show.
duration See below Snackbar.LENGTH_SHORT How long to display the Snackbar.
textColor string or style 'white' The color of the message text.
backgroundColor string or style undefined (dark gray) The background color for the whole Snackbar.
fontFamily string undefined [Android only] The basename of a .ttf font from assets/fonts/ (see setup guide and example app, remember to react-native link after).
rtl boolean false [Android only, API 17+] Whether the Snackbar should render right-to-left (requires android:supportsRtl="true", see setup guide and example app).
action object (described below) undefined (no button) Optional config for the action button (described below).

Where duration can be one of the following (timing may vary based on device):

  • Snackbar.LENGTH_SHORT (just over a second)
  • Snackbar.LENGTH_LONG (about three seconds)
  • Snackbar.LENGTH_INDEFINITE (stays on screen until dismissed, replaced, or action button is tapped)

Note: the text will ellipsize after 2 lines of text on most platforms. See #110 if you need to display more lines.

The optional action object can contain the following options:

Key Data type Default value? Description
text string Required. The button text.
textColor string or style 'white' The color of the button text.
onPress function undefined (Snackbar is simply dismissed) A callback for when the user taps the button.

Deprecation note: The old keys title and color have been replaced by text and textColor for consistency. The old keys will continue to work for now but are deprecated and may be removed at any time.


Dismisses any existing Snackbars.


Snackbar not appearing [Android]

The Snackbar is designed to attach to whatever view is on top of your screen when show is called. If that view happens to be a temporary alert modal or some other view that goes away, you'll never see the Snackbar.

A workaround in some cases is to use setTimeout to show the Snackbar a few seconds later after the modal is gone. See issue #28 for further discussion. If you want to submit a PR to improve the view-finding logic, feel free.

Undefined import

If you see errors similar to Cannot read property 'LENGTH_LONG' of undefined or Undefined not an object (NativeModules.RNSnackbar), please refer to issue #43 for help.

Compiling [Android]

If you have issues compiling for Android after linking this library, please try updating your Gradle and Android configs to the latest versions. For example:

In your android/build.gradle:

  • com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.4.1 (or higher)

In your android/app/build.gradle:

  • compileSdkVersion 28 (or higher)
  • buildToolsVersion "28.0.3" (or higher)

Compiling [iOS]

Make sure your Deployment Target is iOS 9.0 or above.


npm i react-native-snackbar

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