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    Native Bottom Sheet Implementations for iOS and Android. Toddler approved ©


    npm install react-native-pull-ups

    You'll need to update your Podfile to be targeting at least iOS 11.

    platform :ios, '11.0'

    Lastly, install the Pods to install iOS dependencies.

    npx pod-install



    • The sheet can be in one of three different states:
      • expanded: The sheet is fully expanded, and all content is visible.
      • collapsed: The sheet is visible, but only partially. This is defined by collapsedHeight, and is optional.
      • hidden: The sheet is out of view. Bring it into view by setting the state programmatically. To prevent users from hiding the view, set hideable={false}.
    • The intrinsic height of the content placed in the sheet represents the height of the expanded state.
    • When the sheet state is changed, the onStateChanged(newState: 'expanded' | 'collapsed' | 'hidden') event is fired. Generally, you will want to synchronize the state of your component with the value passed here.
    • The sheet can be presented in two modes: persistent and modal.


    Import the component from react-native-pull-ups:

    import PullUp from 'react-native-pull-ups';

    Persistent mode

    A persistent PullUp is rendered within a parent container. It is always rendered inline, which means that the sheet cannot be expanded outside of the parent view. The background view is able to receive touch events at all times.

    <View style={{ flex: 1 }}>
      { backgroundContent }
        onStateChanged={(newState) => setState(newState)}
        { sheetContent }

    Note: Content rendered in a persistent sheet is mounted even when the sheet is hidden. This means that your component state will be persisted. If you prefer the content be re-mounted every time, conditionally render its children.

    Modal mode

    A modal PullUp can be rendered anywhere, just like the React-Native Modal. When presented in this manner, the background becomes dimmed and cannot receive touch events. To dismiss the modal, swipe the sheet down, tap the overlay, or press the back button. Alternatively, set dismissable={false} to only allow the modal to be closed programmatically through state="hidden".

        onStateChanged={(newState) => setState(newState)}
        { sheetContent }

    Note: Content rendered in a modal sheet is only mounted when the sheet is expanded. This means that your component state will not be persisted.





    The current state of the sheet.

    Type Required
    SheetState: "hidden" | "collapsed" | "expanded" Yes


    Enables the collapsed state by defining a height in px. This value determines how much of the sheet's content is visible when collapsed.

    Type Required
    number No


    The maximum width of the sheet. Generally used for visual appeal on larger screens.

    Type Required
    number No


    Enables modal mode. If false, the persistent inline mode is used.

    Type Default
    bool false


    Allows the user to hide the sheet by swiping/dragging down. Note that the sheet can always be hidden by setting state to hidden, regardless of this value.

    Type Default
    bool true


    (Modal mode only): whether the modal can be dismissed by the user. If false, the modal can only be dismissed by setting state to hidden.

    Type Default
    bool true


    (Modal mode only): whether the modal can be dismissed by tapping the background overlay.

    Type Default
    bool true


    Automatically applies additional bottom padding to the sheet, if applicable.

    Type Default Platform
    bool true iOS


    Called when the sheet state is changed.

    Type Required
    (newState: SheetState) => void No


    (Modal mode only): the color to use for the background overlay.

    Type Default
    Color "black"


    (Modal mode only): the opacity to apply to the background overlay, ranging from 0.0-1.0.

    Type Default
    number 0.5


    A configuration object for customizing various FittedSheets styling options.

    Type Required Platform
    object No iOS

    Object structure:

    Key Type Default
    pullBarHeight number 24
    presentingViewCornerRadius number 20
    shouldExtendBackground bool true
    useFullScreenMode bool false
    shrinkPresentingViewController bool false
    gripSize { width: number, height: number } { width: 50, height: 6 }
    gripColor Color #DDDDDD
    cornerRadius number 0
    minimumSpaceAbovePullBar number 0
    pullBarBackgroundColor Color rgba(0,0,0,0)
    treatPullBarAsClear bool false
    allowPullingPastMaxHeight bool false
    contentBackgroundColor Color rgba(0,0,0,0)

    Note: By default, cornerRadius and contentBackgroundColor are not used. Instead, visually identical styles are applied via style for a more consistent and familiar behavior. See the style prop for more information. We leave these exposed because altering other styling options may require them to be tweaked to prevent visual bugs.


    Styles to apply to the sheet content container.

    Type Required
    ViewStyle No

    Default styles:

    Platform Default style
    Android { flex: 1, backgroundColor: 'white' }
    iOS { flex: 1, backgroundColor: 'white', borderTopRightRadius: 20, borderTopLeftRadius: 20 }


    See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.




    npm i react-native-pull-ups

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