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ReactNative: Native Popover Menu (Android/iOS)

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This library is a React Native bridge around native popover libraries. It allows show/guide beautiful popover menus:

Android: zawadz88/MaterialPopupMenu
iOS: liufengting/FTPopOverMenu

📖 Getting started

$ npm install react-native-popover-menu --save

$ react-native link react-native-popover-menu

$ react-native link react-native-vector-icons

  • Android

Please add below snippet into your app build.gradle

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

Note: This library is supported Android SDK 27 > above

  • iOS
    • After react-native link react-native-popover-menu, please verify node_modules/react-native-apopover-menu/ios/ contains Pods folder. If does not exist please execute pod install command on node_modules/react-native-popover-menu/ios/, if any error => try pod repo update then pod install

💻 Usage

import RNPopoverMenu from 'react-native-popover-menu';
import Icon from 'react-native-vector-icons'
  • React Way
let copy = <Icon family={'FontAwesome'} name={'copy'} color={'#000000'} size={30} />
let paste = <Icon family={'FontAwesome'} name={'paste'} color={'#000000'} size={30} />
let share = <Icon family={'FontAwesome'} name={'share'} color={'#000000'} size={30} />
<RNPopover visible={this.state.visible} reference={this.ref}>
  <RNPopover.Menu label={"Editing"}>
    <RNPopover.Menu label={"Copy"} icon={copy} />
    <RNPopover.Menu label={"Paste"} icon={paste} />
  <RNPopover.Menu >
    <RNPopover.Menu label={"Share"} icon={share} />
  • API Way
let copy = <Icon family={'FontAwesome'} name={'copy'} color={'#000000'} size={30} />
let paste = <Icon family={'FontAwesome'} name={'paste'} color={'#000000'} size={30} />
let share = <Icon family={'FontAwesome'} name={'share'} color={'#000000'} size={30} />
let menus = [
    label: "Editing",
    menus: [
      { label: "Copy", icon: copy },
      { label: "Paste", icon: paste }
    label: "Other",
    menus: [
      { label: "Share", icon: share }
    label: "",
    menus: [
      { label: "Share me please" }
RNPopoverMenu.Show(this.ref, {
  title: "",
  menus: menus,
  onDone: selection => { },
  onCancel: () => { }


  • We have added family prop for Icon class, please make sure that you pass the props

💡 Props

  • Props: Generic
Prop Type Default Note
title string Title of popover section
menus array Array of Menus
onDone(sectionSelection, menuSelection) func It is called when menu is selected
onCancel func It is called when we close the popover
  • Props: Android
Prop Type Default Note
theme string light Light & Dark theme support only on Android Platform
  • Props: iOS
Prop Type Default Note
tintColor string '#FFFFFF' Color of tint
menuWidth number Specify menu width of the Popover
rowHeight number Height of the menu row
rowHeight number Height of the menu row
textMargin number Specify text margin from icon
iconMargin number Specify icon margin from border
selectedRowBackgroundColor string Specify selected row background color
roundedArrow bool Specify whether rounded arrow required or not
textColor string Specify text color
borderColor string Specify border color
borderWidth number Specify border width
separatorColor string Specify the menu separator color
shadowColor string Specify the shadow color
shadowOpacity float Specify shadow opacity between 0 and 1. 0 disables the shadow.
shadowColor number Specify border width
shadowRadius number Specify shadow radius
shadowOffsetX number Specify the horizontal shadow offset
shadowOffsetY number Specify the vertical shadow offset


    let facebook = <Icon family={'FontAwesome'} name={'facebook'} color={'#000000'} size={30} />
    <RNPopover.Menu label={"Facebook"} icon={facebook} />


  • We have added family prop for Icon class, please make sure that you pass the props
  • Custom Icons

Note: Since we are using native libraries, we have not found a solution in order to render RN Images in production, therefore please copy all your image assets in platform specific folders:

  • Android: Please copy your image assets in app resource drawable folder
  • iOS: Please copy your image assets in app resources folder

Please refer example application for the image usage.

✨ Credits

🤔 How to contribute

Have an idea? Found a bug? Please raise to ISSUES. Contributions are welcome and are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

💫 Where is this library used?

If you are using this library in one of your projects, add it in this list below. ✨

📜 License

This library is provided under the Apache License.

RNPopoverMenu @ prscX

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However, if you get some profit from this or just want to encourage me to continue creating stuff, there are few ways you can do it:

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