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This package has been deprecated

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Package moved to organization account. Use @monterosa/react-native-parallax-scroll instead.


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A ScrollView-like component that:

  • Has a parallax background
  • Has a parallax foreground
  • Has a fixed or sticky header
  • Can be nested within other views
  • Works on iOS and Android


$ npm install react-native-parallax-scroll --save


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Basic Usage

import ParallaxScroll from 'react-native-parallax-scroll';
// Inside of a component's render() method:
render() {
  return (
      renderHeader={() => <Header />}
      renderParallaxBackground={() => <Background />}
      renderParallaxForeground={() => <Foreground />}
      <Welcome />


Please clone the repo and run npm run storybook or yarn storybook to show examples of usages.

Usage (API)

All of the properties of ScrollView are supported. Please refer to the ScrollView documentation for more detail.

The ParallaxScroll component adds a few additional properties, as described below.

Property Type Defaut Description
style object {} Component's styles
width number Dimensions.get('window').width Component's width.
height number Dimensions.get('window').height Component's height.
scrollStyle object {} These styles will be applied to the scroll view.
headerHeight number 45 This is the height of sticky(fixed) header.
renderHeader func null This renders an optional sticky(fixed) header that will be visible to the top of the view.
isHeaderFixed bool false Is header fixed to top(not sticky)?
parallaxHeight number Dimensions.get('window').width * 9 / 16 This is the height of parallax.
scrollableComponent class ScrollView This is a class of scrollable component.
isBackgroundScalable bool true Is background scalable on iOS?
headerBackgroundColor string rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) The color of the unsticked(unfixed) header background.
contentContainerStyle object {} These styles will be applied to the scroll view content container which wraps all of the child views.
onChangeHeaderVisibility func null A callback function that is invoked when the parallax header is hidden or shown (as the user is scrolling). Function is called with a boolean value to indicate whether header is visible or not.
renderParallaxBackground func () => <View /> This renders the background of the parallax.
renderParallaxForeground func () => <View /> This renders the foreground of the parallax.
fadeOutParallaxBackground bool false If true, the background will fade out as the user scrolls up.
fadeOutParallaxForeground bool false If true, the foreground will fade out as the user scrolls up.
headerFixedBackgroundColor string rgba(0, 0, 0, 1) The color of the sticked(fixed) header background.
parallaxBackgroundScrollSpeed number 5 The speed factor that the background moves at relative to the scroll content.
parallaxForegroundScrollSpeed number 5 The speed factor that the foreground moves at relative to the scroll content.


I welcome contributions! Please open an issues if you have any feature ideas or find any bugs. I also accept pull requests with open arms. I will go over the issues when I have time. :)


npm i react-native-parallax-scroll

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