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React Native Onboard

Build better product onboarding in your app.
High-quality components for swipers, tours, and more.


A library of high-quality components for creating beautiful onboarding and product education in your React Native apps. React Native Onboard helps developers build better onboarding experiences faster so they can focus on what matters most: building great products.


Product onboarding is one of the most important experiences in your app. It's usually the first thing your users see, and it's the first impression they have of your product. But it's difficult to get right and slow to build. We believe there needs to be a better way to build and iterate on high-quality onboarding experiences.


  • 🎨 Fully customizable components and config
  • 🔧 Load images and content from your backend
  • 🚀 Works with Expo
  • 📦 Lightweight (~40 kB)
  • ✨ Beautiful default UI


Install the package from your command line.

With yarn

yarn add react-native-onboard

With npm

npm install react-native-onboard

Quick start

Place the OnboardFlow component anywhere in your app. It will automatically take up the entire screen. Three default behaviors are offered (fullscreen, bottom-sheet, and inline) and can be changed by through the type property.

import { OnboardFlow } from 'react-native-onboard';

const App = () => {
  return (
          title: 'Welcome to my app',
          subtitle: 'This is page 1',
          imageUri: '',
          title: 'Page 2 header',
          subtitle: 'This is page 2',
          imageUri: '',

Using local images

If you wish to load your image assets from your local project rather than server side, you can use the require function.

imageUri: Image.resolveAssetSource(require('image.png')).uri


react-native-onboard is designed to be headless and customizable. You can use the default UI or create your own by implementing a series of provided interfaces see available props here


The official docs are available at

Supercharge your onboarding flows

While the above examples contain hard-coded strings and images for illustrative purposes, we highly recommend loading your strings and presentation layer logic from your API rather than as plain strings in your app.

We built Frigade to work seamlessly with react-native-onboard and make it easier for developers to build and scale onboarding. With Frigade, you can update your flows without releasing to the App Store, integrate 3rd party analytics (Segment, Mixpanel, etc.) to power user targeting, and integrate our API/webhooks to make data input easy.

Get in touch

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to open an issue, submit a PR, or contact us.



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