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    npm version build issues

    Bring NFC feature to React Native. Inspired by phonegap-nfc and react-native-ble-manager

    Contributions are welcome!

    iOS 14 Simulator issue

    As mentioned in issue 326, iOS 14 simulator will crash when using CoreNFC, however real iOS 14 device works.


    # RN >= 0.60 
    npm i --save react-native-nfc-manager
    # RN < 0.60 (without the latest iOS 13 feature) 
    npm i --save react-native-nfc-manager@1.2.2


    # RN >= 0.60, iOS 
    cd ios && pod install && cd ..
    # ...then open ios/xxx.xcworkspace... 
    # RN >= 0.60, Android 
    # This module leverages autolink, so no extra steps are required 

    (see here for more info about autolink)

    # RN < 0.60, both platforms 
    react-native link react-native-nfc-manager

    Extra iOS setup is required

    You will need to setup some capabilities / entitlement / plist stuff to enable NFC development on your device, this repo explains these requirements very well:

    IMPORTANT: For the new NFC capabilities available on iOS 13 to work, the entitlements file mentioned in the previous guide should look like this:


    In the ISO18092 system codes for NFC Tag Reader Session, all FeliCa system codes used for reading must be entered in advance. Wildcards cannot be used.

    Launch app on nfc event

    Note on getLaunchTagEvent: keep in mind that you can only create intent-filters for the very first NDEF record on an NFC tag! If your intent-filter doesn't match the FIRST record your app will launch but it won't get the tag data. Check out for details:

    Also you should add


    to your manifest to prevent launching your app as another task when it is already running.

    Demo project

    Please use this repo as a quick start.

    Example codes

    Look into example for the features you need.

    v2 examples

    v1 examples

    API Document


    npm i react-native-nfc-manager-pedro-fork

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