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    React native full screen functionality Android

    There is plenty of room for improvment by adding additional react bindings for props and callbacks.

    Props: ToggleView
      <ToggleView style={{flex:1,alignItems:'center', justifyContent:'center'}}>
        <Image style={{height:500,width:500}} source={{uri:""}}></Image>
    Property Type Default Description
    delay number 3000 how long to delay hide
    delayHide boolean true if there should be a delayed hide event

    Android Installation

    Install the npm package react-native-full-screen. Inside your React Native project, run (example):

    npm install --save react-native-full-screen
    # RN >= 0.60
    No action needed
    # RN < 0.60
    react-native link react-native-full-screen

    Manual installation

    In android/settings.gradle, remove the line include ':app' and add the following lines

    include ':react-native-full-screen'
    project(':react-native-full-screen').projectDir = file('../node_modules/react-native-full-screen/android')

    NOTE : If you have included other libraries in your project, the include line will contain the other dependencies too.

    In android/app/build.gradle, add a dependency to ':react-native-full-screen'

    dependencies {
        compile project(':react-native-full-screen')

    Next, you need to change the MainActivity of your app to register FullScreenModule :

    import com.rn.full.screen.FullScreenModule; // add this import
    public class MainActivity extends ReactActivity {
        protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
          return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
              new MainReactPackage(),
              new FullScreenModule() // add this manager

    TeamLockr full screen Team Lockr full screen for react native

    These are functions created by the TeamLockr Team created for the TeamLockr platform.


    npm i react-native-full-screen

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