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    react-native-enhanced-popup-menu · npm license


    Positioning Description
    snap positioning Allows to snap menu to any element's border
    stick to center of element Allows to show menu by the center of element's width
    dynamic positioning Allows to add dynamic offsets to base menu position
    position constraints Automatically applies constraints to never allow to go beyond screen borders. You always will see full menu
    Animations Description
    Right-to-Left support Not implemented. See #1

    Pure JavaScript material menu component for React Native.


    npm install react-native-enhanced-popup-menu --save
    yarn add react-native-enhanced-popup-menu

    Usage example

    import React from 'react';
    import {
      Button as RNButton,
    } from 'react-native';
    import {
    } from 'react-native-enhanced-popup-menu';
    declare const global: {HermesInternal: null | {}};
    interface ElementToStickProps {
      style?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>;
    const ElementToStick = React.forwardRef<View, ElementToStickProps>(
      ({style}, ref) => {
        return (
                padding: 16,
                borderColor: 'grey',
                borderWidth: 2,
                justifyContent: 'center',
                alignItems: 'center',
            <Text>Element to which menu is sticked</Text>
    interface ButtonProps {
      title: string;
      style?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>;
      onPress: () => void;
    const Button = ({title, style, onPress}: ButtonProps) => {
      return (
        <View style={style}>
          <RNButton title={title} onPress={onPress} />
    const App = () => {
      let elementRef = React.createRef<View>();
      let menuRef: Menu | null = null;
      const setMenuRef: (instance: Menu | null) => void = (ref) => (menuRef = ref);
      const hideMenu = () => menuRef?.hide();
      const showMenu = () => {
        menuRef?.show(elementRef.current, Position.TOP_LEFT);
      const onPress = () => showMenu();
      return (
              width: '100%',
              height: '100%',
              alignItems: 'center',
              justifyContent: 'center',
            <ElementToStick ref={elementRef} />
              style={{position: 'absolute', bottom: 64}}
              title={'Press to show menu'}
            <Menu ref={setMenuRef}>
              <MenuItem onPress={hideMenu}>Item 1</MenuItem>
              <MenuItem onPress={hideMenu}>Item 2</MenuItem>
              <MenuItem onPress={hideMenu} disabled>
                Item 3
              <MenuDivider />
              <MenuItem onPress={hideMenu}>Item 4</MenuItem>
    export default App;



    name description type default
    children Components rendered in menu (required) Node -
    style Menu style (optional) Style -
    onHidden Callback when menu has become hidden (optional) Function -


    name description
    show() Shows menu
    hide() Hides menu

    show method parameters

    name description type default
    ref React reference to component (required) Reference -
    stickTo To which component border(s) we will stick menu (optional) Position Position.TOP_LEFT
    extraOffset Additional offset to stickTo (optional) Object { left: 0, top: 0 }
    computeOffset Additional computed offset to stickTo (optional) Function { left: 0, top: 0 }

    stickTo parameter set relative base position of menu, it is always relative to component.

    Position enum values
    value description
    TOP_LEFT Show the menu at the top left of the component
    TOP_RIGHT Show the menu at the top rigth of the component
    TOP_CENTER Show the menu at the top center of the component
    BOTTOM_LEFT Show the menu at the bottom left of the component
    BOTTOM_RIGHT Show the menu at the bottom right of the component
    BOTTOM_CENTER Show the menu at the bottom center of the component

    extraOffset parameter set additional offset to base position of menu. It's used if you want customize stickTo, adding additional offset. extraOffset is an Object with the following allowed properties.

    extraOffset object properties
    value description type
    top Offset the top edge from menu base position Number
    bottom Offset the bottom edge from menu base position Number
    left Offset the left edge from menu base position Number
    right Offset the right edge from menu base position Number
    Notes Example
    extraOffset can have duplicate properties (they all will be applied correctly) { top: 10, top: -5, top: 15 }
    extraOffset values can be negative too { top: 10, top: -5, top: 15 }

    computeOffset parameter is a callback function which will be called with position and size of component (computeOffset(left, top, width, height)). It's used if you want to customize stickTo dynamically and your computed offset depends on component position / size (for example to show menu centered you need to know component width).

    computeOffset callback parameters
    name description type
    left position of component on the horizontal axis (from top left window corner) Number
    top position of component on the vertical axis (from top left window corner) Number
    width width of component Number
    height height of component Number

    computeOffset callback should return Object with the same properties as extraOffset Object.

    /* Example of computeOffset return value */
      top: 10,
      left: 15,
      bottom: -3,
      right: 15,
      top: 12
    You can use extraOffset parameter or computeOffset or both parameters simultaneously. So, the final position of menu is calculated as basePosition + extraOffset + computeOffset(left, top, width, height)



    name description type default
    children Rendered text (required) String -
    disabled Disabled flag Bool false
    disabledTextColor Disabled text color String "#BDBDBD"
    onPress Called function on press Func -
    style Container style Style -
    textStyle Text style Style -
    underlayColor Pressed color String "#E0E0E0"



    name description type default
    color Line color String "rgba(0,0,0,0.12)"


    npm i react-native-enhanced-popup-menu

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