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React Native Elements

Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit

React Native UI Toolkit

Get Started



Start using the components or try it on Snack here.

import { Button } from 'react-native-elements';
  icon={{name: 'home', size: 32}}
  buttonStyle={{backgroundColor: 'red', borderRadius: 10}}
  textStyle={{textAlign: 'center'}}
  title={`Welcome to\nReact Native Elements`}

Components Included


View the full docs here

Demo App

Checkout the official React Native Elements App on Expo which uses all of the React Native Elements components.

Additionally, take a look at the example/ folder to view the implementation & run the RNE expo app locally.


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First Contributors

Look for the label good first issue on the issues. Click here to see them.

1.0 Release

Not Started


Interested in contributing to this repo? Checkout our Contributing Guide

Also come say Hi! to the RNE community on our public Slack team. See you on the other side! :)