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Checkbox component for react native, it works on iOS and Android.



For React Native >= 0.4.4 use v2.+, for React Native < 0.4.4 use v1.0.4


  • 1.Run npm i react-native-check-box --save
  • 2.import CheckBox from 'react-native-check-box'



Getting started

Add react-native-check-box to your js file.

import CheckBox from 'react-native-check-box'

Inside your component's render method, use CheckBox:

    style={{flex: 1, padding: 10}}

Then you can use it like this:

Basic usage

     style={{flex: 1, padding: 10}}

Custom CheckBox

renderCheckBox(data) {
    var leftText =;
    return (
            style={{flex: 1, padding: 10}}
            checkedImage={<Image source={require('../../page/my/img/ic_check_box.png')} style={this.props.theme.styles.tabBarSelectedIcon}/>}
            unCheckedImage={<Image source={require('../../page/my/img/ic_check_box_outline_blank.png')} style={this.props.theme.styles.tabBarSelectedIcon}/>}

More Usage:



Props Type Optional Default Description
style true Custom style checkbox
leftText PropTypes.string true Custom left Text
leftTextStyle true Custom left Text style
rightText PropTypes.string true Custom right Text
rightTextView PropTypes.element true Custom right TextView
rightTextStyle true Custom right Text style
checkedImage PropTypes.element true Default image Custom checked Image
unCheckedImage PropTypes.element true Default image Custom unchecked Image
isChecked PropTypes.bool false false checkbox checked state
onClick PropTypes.func.isRequired false callback function
disabled PropTypes.bool true false Disable the checkbox button
checkBoxColor PropTypes.string true Tint color of the checkbox image


Issues are welcome. Please add a screenshot of bug and code snippet. Quickest way to solve issue is to reproduce it on one of the examples.

Pull requests are welcome. If you want to change API or making something big better to create issue and discuss it first.

MIT Licensed