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React Multiple Select Dropdown Lite

A lightweight Multiple/Single Select Pure functional component for react using React-Hooks.

React Multiple Select Dropdown Lite is released under the MIT license. npm npm bundle size npm bundle size npm bundle size




npm i react-multiple-select-dropdown-lite

Basic Initialization

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import MultiSelect from  'react-multiple-select-dropdown-lite'
import  'react-multiple-select-dropdown-lite/dist/index.css'

const App = () => {

  const [value, setvalue] = useState('')

  const  handleOnchange  =  val  => {

  const  options  = [
    { label:  'Option 1', value:  'option_1'  },
    { label:  'Option 2', value:  'option_2'  },
    { label:  'Option 3', value:  'option_3'  },
    { label:  'Option 4', value:  'option_4'  },

    <div className="app">
      <div  className="preview-values">

export  default App

Features and Roadmap

  • [x] JSON Value
  • [x] Clearable
  • [x] Disable Chip
  • [x] Custom Down Arrow Icon
  • [x] Disabled
  • [x] Select Limit
  • [x] Group
  • [x] Searchable
  • [x] Custom Creatable Value
  • [x] Themeable (using css var)

Props Options

Props type default description
options array "" pass options as array of object
label : (string or JSX) Options Label
value : Option value
style : (object) custom style
classes : (string) style classes
title : must be provide for JSX label

[ { label : "Option 1", value : "opt_1", style: {textAlign: 'center'}, classes: "classA classB" } ]
width move in css var (version 2.0.1)
name string '' specify a name for form
disabled bool false disable input
defaultValue string | array of object | string array '' specify default value
jsonValue bool false get value from input as json
singleSelect bool false allow one select only
downArrowIcon string | icon | component SVG Specify custom down arrow icon
closeIcon string | icon | component SVG Specify custom close arrow icon
clearable bool true show / hide close icon to clear value
downArrow bool true show / hide down icon in dropdown
className string | object specify custom class
placeholder string Select... Input Placeholder
disableChip bool false disable multiple select chips show value or total selected value only
attr object set custom attr to element
customValue bool false create custom options by pressing enter or comma (,)
largeData bool false prevent slow down (DOM) for large amount of data
chipAlternateText string (number) Item Selected Show text when chip disabled.
closeOnSelect bool true close option-menu on select option


Props Params Description
onChange values Trigger on change any value
onMenuOpen null Trigger when menu open
onMenuClose null Trigger when menu close

CSS Variables

CSS variable applied in .msl-vars class name.

Variable Default Value Details
--menu-max-height 400px Dropdown menu
maximum height.
--input-width 300px Dropdown input width.
--font-size 16px Dropdown font size.
--border-radius 8px 8px 8px 8px Dropdown Border Radius.
--active-menu-shadow 1px 1px 5px 0px gray Menu Shadow
when active.
--line-height 1.4 fonts line height.
--active-menu-background white Dropdown menu
background color when active.
--active-menu-radius var(--border-radius) Dropdown menu border
radius when active.

Change Log

  • CSS variables updated
  • Provide component width in css vars intead of props
  • Menu rise up at page bottom
  • events added on menu open/close
  • React component support as label
  • Search feature improved
  • Custom values grouped
  • Single Select Bug fixed



MIT © Arif-Un | Amin | Built for Bit Form

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