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Draw tools for Mapbox with React: 🗺️ react-mapbox-gl + 🖌️ mapbox-gl-draw

This package is basically creating React bindings for mapbox-gl-draw so that it can be used with react-mapbox-gl.

❗ Important: This package does not work with Uber's react-map-gl. See this issue for more info.



Getting Started

yarn add react-mapbox-gl mapbox-gl @mapbox/mapbox-gl-draw # required peer dependencies 
yarn add react-mapbox-gl-draw

Note: this version of react-mapbox-gl-draw will only work with the latest react-mapbox-gl@^4.4.0. If you wish to use Draw tools with react-mapbox-gl@2.x.x or react-mapbox-gl@v3.x.x, please use react-mapbox-gl-draw@1.0.6.

import ReactMapboxGl from 'react-mapbox-gl';
import DrawControl from 'react-mapbox-gl-draw';
// Don't forget to import the CSS
import '@mapbox/mapbox-gl-draw/dist/mapbox-gl-draw.css';
const Map = ReactMapboxGl({
    height: '100vh',
    width: '100vw'
  <DrawControl />


Here are the props you can pass to <DrawControl />:

  • keybindings, boolean (default true): Whether or not to enable keyboard interactions for drawing.
  • touchEnabled, boolean (default true): Whether or not to enable touch interactions for drawing.
  • boxSelect, boolean (default true): Whether or not to enable box selection of features with shift+click+drag. If false, shift+click+drag zooms into an area.
  • clickBuffer, number (default: 2): Number of pixels around any feature or vertex (in every direction) that will respond to a click.
  • touchBuffer, number (default: 25): Number of pixels around any feature of vertex (in every directoin) that will respond to a touch.
  • controls, Object: Hide or show individual controls. Each property's name is a control, and value is a boolean indicating whether the control is on or off. Available control names are point, line_string, polygon, trash, combine_features and uncombine_features. By default, all controls are on. To change that default, use displayControlsDefault.
  • displayControlsDefault, boolean (default: true): The default value for controls. For example, if you would like all controls to be off by default, and specify a whitelist with controls, use displayControlsDefault: false.
  • styles, Array<Object>: An array of map style objects. By default, Draw provides a map style for you. To learn about overriding styles, see the Styling Draw section below.
  • modes, Object: over ride the default modes with your own. MapboxDraw.modes can be used to see the default values. More information on custom modes can be found here.
  • defaultMode, String (default: 'simple_select'): the mode (from modes) that user will first land in.
  • position, String (default: 'top-left'): the position of the draw controls on the map.

Draw Events passed as props

These additional props are functions that receive the event data, see mapbox-gl-draw documentantion.

  • onDrawCreate
  • onDrawDelete
  • onDrawUpdate
  • onDrawCombine
  • onDrawUncombine
  • onDrawSelectionChange
  • onDrawModeChange
  • onDrawRender
  • onDrawActionable

To learn more about mapbox-gl-draw:

To access the Draw object with all the API methods, you need to define a ref on the <DrawControl> component, and the Draw object will be in the draw field of this ref:

    height: '100vh',
    width: '100vw'
      ref={(drawControl) => { this.drawControl = drawControl; }}
handleButtonClick() {
  this.drawControl.draw.getAll(); // Or any other API method


An example application of how to use react-mapbox-gl-draw can be found in the example/ folder. To run it, run:

yarn example

The example app should run on localhost:8080. An online demo is also hosted on CodeSandbox:


Only eslint is run for linting. Proper testing needs to be added, see #19 if you would like to help.




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