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    React JSON Pretty

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    This is a lightweight and tiny react component that helps you to format and prettify the JSON data.


    npm install --save react-json-pretty



    The usage is quite simple, assuming that you already have an application using React. If you don't, visit Facebook React to create one or take a look at the example provided.

    Firstly, you need to require the react-json-pretty:

    var JSONPretty = require('react-json-pretty');

    Or use the es2015 syntax with the help of tools like babel:

    import JSONPretty from 'react-json-pretty';

    Next, use it in your React component:

    <JSONPretty id="json-pretty" data={yourData}></JSONPretty>

    Where the property data is the JSON string or just a plain JavaScript object.

    Lastly, you can add themes stated below.

    Note: if yourData is not a plain object, use circular-json or other similar tools to preprocess it before being passed to JSONPretty.


    Use themes with css-loader and webpack

    And also you can import the style to the document, here is an example of using webpack loaders(style!css) to load style, You can visit webpack to get more details:



    import 'react-json-pretty/themes/monikai.css';

    Use themes with theme property

    If you don't want to use css, theme property is also available. Properties of theme will be used as style property of the target DOM element.

    var JSONPrettyMon = require('react-json-pretty/dist/monikai');
    <JSONPretty data={yourJSON} theme={JSONPrettyMon}></JSONPretty>

    Visit the example to get some details.

    The preview is as below:

    previews, you can also find it in the example folder



    Use onJSONPrettyError function property to get JSON.parse errors.

    <JSONPretty data={invalid} onJSONPrettyError={e => console.error(e)}></JSONPretty>


    Actually, react-json-pretty is based on JSON.stringify(value[, replacer[, space]]). However, JSON.stringify(value[, replacer[, space]]) has some optional parameters additionally such as replacer and space. This is also available in react-json-pretty.

    Here is an example:

    <JSONPretty data={yourData} replacer={
        function (key, value) {
            if (key === 'cccc') {
                value += '~~~abc';
            if (key === 'gggg') {
                value *=10;
            return value;
    } space="4"

    Note: The default value for property replacer is null,and space is 2.

    You can visit the example to see the details.

    Custom themeClassName

    Your can also define your custome themeClassName, the default value is __json-pretty__.

    Note: this may lead to the usage of default themes provided with css being invalid.

    // The final className will be 'custom-json-pretty'
    <JSONPretty themeClassName="custom-json-pretty" data={yourData}></JSONPretty>

    Custom Themes

    There are some default themes provided including "Adventure Time", acai and 1337, to provide users more ready-made options.

    Adventure Time 1337 acai

    All the css theme files are placed in the themes folder.

    It is also prossible to define a custom theme:

    Using ***type***Style property

    This can make control the extra styles of the specific type of value:

    mainStyle?: string;
    keyStyle?: string;
    valueStyle?: string;
    booleanStyle?: string;
    stringStyle?: string;
    errorStyle: string;

    For example: set padding of the main area and the font size the normal value

    <JSONPretty id="json-pretty" style={{fontSize: "1.1em"}} data={youJSON} mainStyle="padding:1em" valueStyle="font-size:1.5em"></JSONPretty>

    Using themes property

    Here is the property schema:

      main?: string,
      error?: string,
      key?: string,
      string?: string,
      value?: string,
      boolean?: string'

    For example:

      main: 'line-height:1.3;color:#66d9ef;background:#272822;overflow:auto;',
      error: 'line-height:1.3;color:#66d9ef;background:#272822;overflow:auto;',
      key: 'color:#f92672;',
      string: 'color:#fd971f;',
      value: 'color:#a6e22e;',
      boolean: 'color:#ac81fe;',

    Using css file

    For example the monokai.styl:

      line-height 1.3
      color rgba(248,248,242,1)
      background #1e1e1e
      overflow auto
        color rgba(255,94,94,1)
        color rgba(253,176,130,1)
        color rgba(233,253,172,1)
        color rgba(102,153,204,1)
      line-height 1.3
      color rgba(248,248,242,1)
      background #1e1e1e
      overflow auto


    MIT (


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