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Simple plug-and-play React component for jigsaw puzzles.

It supports resizing and can be fed with any image URL without the need to "tile" the image first.

Check out the Demo to see if it fits your needs.


// Minimal usage

import {JigsawPuzzle} from "react-jigsaw-puzzle/lib";
import "react-jigsaw-puzzle/lib/jigsaw-puzzle.css";

<JigsawPuzzle imageSrc="https://any.image/url.jpg" />;
// With custom amount of rows and columns

import {JigsawPuzzle} from "react-jigsaw-puzzle/lib";
import "react-jigsaw-puzzle/lib/jigsaw-puzzle.css";

  onSolved={() => alert("Solved!")}


Name Type Purpose Default
imageSrc string Source of the image. Can be any URL or relative path. required
rows number The amount of rows the puzzle will have. 3
columns number The amount of columns the puzzle with have. 4
onSolved function Called when the puzzle is solved. () => {}


You can simply override or add styles via plain CSS.

The following style classes are used:

  • .jigsaw-puzzle - The container for the puzzle pieces
  • .jigsaw-puzzle__piece - Puzzle piece/tile
  • .jigsaw-puzzle__piece--solved - Puzzle piece in the correct position
  • .jigsaw-puzzle__piece--dragging - Puzzle piece that is being dragged


  • The component adjusts its height according to the image's aspect ratio. That means if the image has a 2:1 aspect ratio and the width is set or calculated to 800px, the puzzle will be 400px high.
    That is probably what you'll want for landscape images, but portrait or square images can easily expand out of the viewport on desktop screens.
    You can work around this by setting either a fixed width or a width dependent on the viewport height (vh).
  • While in theory you can make a 100x100 puzzle, a large tile amount will result in poor render performance.
    This is because each tile is basically rendering the whole image but "zooms in".
    If you want to make really large puzzles, this is probably not for you. Still, I decided to not limit the tile amount because computers and phones are getting faster by the day.
  • I built this for a very specific use-case. If you find bugs or want features added, feel free to either create an issue or make a PR.
  • Touch scrolling is disabled while moving a tile by temporarily setting overflow:hidden on the <html> element.
    Keep in mind that this does not prevent the navigation bar from moving in and out on mobile phones if the site is larger than the viewport.


Since I am not actively working on this component, I really appreciate any contribution.

Feel free to create issues for bugs and feature requests and I will see what I can do.

I also highly encourage you to open pull requests for bugfixes, updates and improvements.

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