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React Image Cropper

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A React.JS Image Cropper Touch supported

See the demo


  • initial cropper frame position
  • frame width, height, ratio
  • crop event

Hot to Use

  • import {Cropper} from 'react-image-cropper'

  • styles are all inline

  • define Cropper with src, and ref to execute crop method

<Cropper src="" ref="cropper"/>
  • crop and get image url

image.src = this.refs.cropper.crop()

  • get crop values

var values = this.refs.cropper.values()

  • onChange for preview

(values) => onChange(values)

  • custom use
prop value
ratio width / height
width cropper frame width
height cropper frame height
originX cropper original position(x axis), accroding to image left
originY cropper original position(Y axis), accroding to image top
fixedRatio turn on/off fixed ratio (bool default true)
allowNewSelection allow user to create a new selection instead of reusing initial selection (bool default true)
styles specify styles to override inline styles
onImgLoad specify fuction callback to run when the image completed loading
beforeImgload specify function callback to run when the image size value is ready but image is not completed loading
onChange triggred when dragging stop, get values of cropper

See the demo