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React Icons

React Icons


Include popular icons in your React projects easily with react-icons, which utilizes ES6 imports that allows you to include only the icons that your project is using.

Installation (for standard modern project)

yarn add react-icons
# or
npm install react-icons --save

example usage

import { FaBeer } from "react-icons/fa";

function Question() {
  return (
      Lets go for a <FaBeer />?

View the documentation for further usage examples and how to use icons from other packages. NOTE: each Icon package has it's own subfolder under react-icons you import from.

For example, to use an icon from Material Design, your import would be: import { ICON_NAME } from 'react-icons/md';

Installation (for meteorjs, gatsbyjs, etc)

Note This option has not had a new release for some time. More info

If your project grows in size, this option is available. This method has the trade-off that it takes a long time to install the package.

yarn add @react-icons/all-files
# or
npm install @react-icons/all-files --save

example usage

import { FaBeer } from "@react-icons/all-files/fa/FaBeer";

function Question() {
  return (
      Lets go for a <FaBeer />?


Icon Library License Version Count
Circum Icons MPL-2.0 license 1.0.0 288
Font Awesome 5 CC BY 4.0 License 5.15.4-3-gafecf2a 1612
Font Awesome 6 CC BY 4.0 License 6.4.2 2025
Ionicons 4 MIT 4.6.3 696
Ionicons 5 MIT 5.5.4 1332
Material Design icons Apache License Version 2.0 4.0.0-90-g1ea21d5429 4341
Typicons CC BY-SA 3.0 2.1.2 336
Github Octicons icons MIT 18.3.0 264
Feather MIT 4.29.1 287
Lucide ISC v4.11.0-15-g7493227d 1215
Game Icons CC BY 3.0 12920d6565588f0512542a3cb0cdfd36a497f910 4040
Weather Icons SIL OFL 1.1 2.0.12 219
Devicons MIT 1.8.0 192
Ant Design Icons MIT 4.3.1 789
Bootstrap Icons MIT 1.11.1 2716
Remix Icon Apache License Version 2.0 3.5.0 2537
Flat Color Icons MIT 1.0.2 329
Grommet-Icons Apache License Version 2.0 4.11.0 635
Heroicons MIT 1.0.6 460
Heroicons 2 MIT 2.0.18 876
Simple Icons CC0 1.0 Universal 9.20.0 2753
Simple Line Icons MIT 2.5.5 189
IcoMoon Free CC BY 4.0 License d006795ede82361e1bac1ee76f215cf1dc51e4ca 491
BoxIcons CC BY 4.0 License 2.1.4 1634 MIT 2.1.1 704
VS Code Icons CC BY 4.0 0.0.35 439
Tabler Icons MIT 2.40.0 4836
Themify Icons MIT v0.1.2-2-g9600186 352
Radix Icons MIT @radix-ui/react-icons@1.3.0-1-g94b3fcf 318
Phosphor Icons MIT 2.0.2 7488
Icons8 Line Awesome MIT 1.3.1 1544

You can add more icons by submitting pull requests or creating issues.


You can configure react-icons props using React Context API.

Requires React 16.3 or higher.

import { IconContext } from "react-icons";

<IconContext.Provider value={{ color: "blue", className: "global-class-name" }}>
    <FaFolder />
Key Default Notes
color undefined (inherit)
size 1em
className undefined
style undefined Can overwrite size and color
attr undefined Overwritten by other attributes
title undefined Icon description for accessibility

Migrating from version 2 -> 3

Change import style

Import path has changed. You need to rewrite from the old style.

import FaBeer from "react-icons/lib/fa/beer";

function Question() {
  return (
      Lets go for a <FaBeer />?
import { FaBeer } from "react-icons/fa";

function Question() {
  return (
      Lets go for a <FaBeer />?

Ending up with a large JS bundle? Check out this issue.

Adjustment CSS

From version 3, vertical-align: middle is not automatically given. Please use IconContext to specify className or specify an inline style.

Global Inline Styling

<IconContext.Provider value={{ style: { verticalAlign: 'middle' } }}>

Global className Styling


<IconContext.Provider value={{ className: 'react-icons' }}>


.react-icons {
  vertical-align: middle;

TypeScript native support

Dependencies on @types/react-icons can be deleted.


yarn remove @types/react-icons


npm remove @types/react-icons


./ will build the whole project. See also CI scripts for more information.


cd packages/react-icons
yarn fetch  # fetch icon sources
yarn build

Add/Update icon set

First, check the discussion to see if anyone would like to add an icon set.

The SVG files to be fetched are managed in this file. Edit this file and run yarn fetch && yarn check && yarn build.


Note The project is not actively accepting PR for the preview site at this time.

The preview site is the react-icons website, built in Astro+React.

cd packages/react-icons
yarn fetch
yarn build

cd ../preview-astro
yarn start


The demo is a Create React App boilerplate with react-icons added as a dependency for easy testing.

cd packages/react-icons
yarn fetch
yarn build

cd ../demo
yarn start

Why React SVG components instead of fonts?

SVG is supported by all major browsers. With react-icons, you can serve only the needed icons instead of one big font file to the users, helping you to recognize which icons are used in your project.

Related Projects



  • Icons are taken from the other projects so please check each project licences accordingly.




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