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    A full page loading modal with spinners and random custom text for React

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    npm install --save react-fullpage-custom-loader


    For a small React templating example: cd to react-fullpage-custom-loader/example and npm start or check it out on its Github page



    import React, { Component } from 'react'
    import MyComponent from 'react-fullpage-custom-loader'
    class Example extends Component {
      render () {
        return (
          <MyComponent />
    Pass your custom loader instead of one of the default
    import React, { Component } from 'react'
    import MyComponent from 'react-fullpage-custom-loader'
    class Example extends Component {
      render () {
        return (
          <MyComponent customLoader={<CustomSpinnerComponent />}/>


    These are all the props you could pass to the component MyComponent

    const props: {
        sentences: PropTypes.array,
        loaderType: PropTypes.string,
        loaderSize: PropTypes.string,
        color: PropTypes.string,
        textStyles: PropTypes.object,
        wrapperBackgroundColor: PropTypes.string,
        counter: PropTypes.bool,
        counterMax: PropTypes.number,
        counterDelay: PropTypes.number,
        counterChars: PropTypes.string,
        counterStyles: PropTypes.object,
        fadeIn: PropTypes.bool,
        startFadeOut: PropTypes.bool,
        customLoader: PropTypes.object,
        width: PropTypes.string,
        height: PropTypes.string,
    prop type default description example
    sentences Array of strings Random quotes form authors I like (Adams, Pratchett, Asimov, Clarke) You can set as many sentences you like and thanks to CSS display: preline you could insert line breaks with \n ['One sentence', 'One with a \n linebreak', '"Quoting an " - author']
    loaderType string / enum ball-spin-clockwise A string representing one of the 52 possible animations (see list below) timer
    loaderSize string null There are 3 possible sizes: small, big and null for normal big
    color string white Any valid CSS color string rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75)
    textStyles object { ...css.stuff } Use it to override the main text properties. Accepts any React CSS style object { color: 'red', fontSize: '3em' }
    wrapperBackgroundColor string rgba(0,0,0,0.75) Any valid CSS for property background will work, even gradients and RGBA black
    counter boolean false You can show a counter that is either a number representing the cycles or a series of characters true
    counterMax integer 15 The maximum number of cycles to stop randomizing sentences 15
    counterDelay integer 3000 The number of milliseconds before a new cycle will throw a random to show a new sentence 1000
    counterChars string . A series of characters to be shown in the counter zone adding one every cycle 😅
    counterStyles object {...this.props.textStyles} Use it to override the counter text properties. Accepts any React CSS style object and default to the above textStyles { color: 'red', fontSize: '3em' }
    fadeIn boolean false If set to true, the loader is shown with a fade in effect on opacity (300ms ease-out) true
    startFadeOut boolean false When this is set to true the entire loader will start to fade out on opacity (300ms ease-in), but even if faded you must destroy the component yourself true
    customLoader Object / React component null You could pass a component to be shown INSTEAD of one the loaders customLoader={<CustomLoader />}
    width string null a custom width for the background '500px' or '100%'
    height string null a custom height for the background '500px' or '100%'


    When you choose a Spinner we lazy-load only that component (a functional React component importing a small css file) and we pass your styles to it. You could use this components stand alone, you will only need the right CSS file and the right amount of <DIV /> elements to include (I know, a bit confusing, make sense if you look at the original spinners demo HTML)

    Fading out the component before unmount

    For performance issues you should create and destroy this component (for instance at render() time) such as:

    render () {
        return (
            {this.state.showLoader && <MyComponent {...options} />}

    In React terms this means that you take the element away from the DOM and you won't have time to start our nice fade out animation. If you want to fade out your component you will need a bit of a workaround, something on the lines of:

        fadeAndCloseLoader = () => {
            this.setState({startFadeOut: true}))
            setTimeout(() => {
              this.setState({showLoader: false, startFadeOut: false})
            }, 300)
        render () {
            return (
                {this.state.showLoader && <MyComponent 

    In this example the method fadeAndCloseLoader() sends the startFadeOut prop first, the 300 milliseconds later destroys the Component. Note that in the same timeout call we reset startFadeOut to false to hide the CSS .hidden class in case you wanted to reopen the loader.

    All animations are 100% CSS.

    All the spinners in the world

    A demo of all (100% CSS) spinners can be found at Load Awesome, just note that I couldn't make Cog to work and it is therefore not included.

    Here is a useful copy/paste list (note the typo fussion has been kept for too many reasons I do not have the time to explain here, my most sincere apologies):

    • ball-8bits
    • ball-atom
    • ball-beat
    • ball-circus
    • ball-climbing-dot
    • ball-clip-rotate
    • ball-clip-rotate-multiple
    • ball-clip-rotate-pulse
    • ball-elastic-dots
    • ball-fall
    • ball-fussion
    • ball-grid-beat
    • ball-grid-pulse
    • ball-newton-cradle
    • ball-pulse
    • ball-pulse-rise
    • ball-pulse-sync
    • ball-rotate
    • ball-running-dots
    • ball-scale
    • ball-scale-multiple
    • ball-scale-pulse
    • ball-scale-ripple
    • ball-scale-ripple-multiple
    • ball-spin
    • ball-spin-clockwise
    • ball-spin-clockwise-fade
    • ball-spin-clockwise-fade-rotating
    • ball-spin-fade
    • ball-spin-fade-rotating
    • ball-spin-rotate
    • ball-square-clockwise-spin
    • ball-square-spin
    • ball-triangle-path
    • ball-zig-zag
    • ball-zig-zag-deflect
    • [- cog -] This doesn't work, don't use it. You have been warned.
    • cube-transition
    • fire
    • line-scale
    • line-scale-party
    • line-scale-pulse-out
    • line-scale-pulse-out-rapid
    • line-spin-clockwise-fade
    • line-spin-clockwise-fade-rotating
    • line-spin-fade
    • line-spin-fade-rotating
    • pacman
    • square-jelly-box
    • square-loader
    • square-spin
    • timer
    • triangle-skew-spin


    MIT © regrunge


    All Loaders CSS files are coming from load-awesome MIT © danielcardoso (I have used 52 of his 53 awesome loaders, missing only Cog that didn't display as it should)


    npm i react-fullpage-custom-loader

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