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    An accessible React package to render FAQ section. view demo


    npm install --save react-faq-component


    import React, { useEffect, useState } from "react";
    import Faq from "react-faq-component";
    const data = {
        title: "FAQ (How it works)",
        rows: [
                title: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,",
                content: `Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In sed tempor sem. Aenean vel turpis feugiat,
                  ultricies metus at, consequat velit. Curabitur est nibh, varius in tellus nec, mattis pulvinar metus.
                  In maximus cursus lorem, nec laoreet velit eleifend vel. Ut aliquet mauris tortor, sed egestas libero interdum vitae.
                  Fusce sed commodo purus, at tempus turpis.`,
                title: "Nunc maximus, magna at ultricies elementum",
                    "Nunc maximus, magna at ultricies elementum, risus turpis vulputate quam, vitae convallis ex tortor sed dolor.",
                title: "Curabitur laoreet, mauris vel blandit fringilla",
                content: `Curabitur laoreet, mauris vel blandit fringilla, leo elit rhoncus nunc, ac sagittis leo elit vel lorem.
                Fusce tempor lacus ut libero posuere viverra. Nunc velit dolor, tincidunt at varius vel, laoreet vel quam.
                Sed dolor urna, lobortis in arcu auctor, tincidunt mattis ante. Vivamus venenatis ultricies nibh in volutpat.
                Cras eu metus quis leo vestibulum feugiat nec sagittis lacus.Mauris vulputate arcu sed massa euismod dignissim. `,
                title: "What is the package version",
                content: <p>current version is 1.2.1</p>,
    const styles = {
        // bgColor: 'white',
        titleTextColor: "blue",
        rowTitleColor: "blue",
        // rowContentColor: 'grey',
        // arrowColor: "red",
    const config = {
        // animate: true,
        // arrowIcon: "V",
        // tabFocus: true
    export default function App {
        return (

    data props

    The data passed to react-faq-component is an object having below keys(mentioned in the table).

    attribute type optional details
    title String true Text displayed as the title/header of the FAQ section
    rows Array true Array of obj containing title and content of each row

    config props (optional)

    const config = {
        animate: true,
        arrowIcon: "V",
        openOnload: 0,
        expandIcon: "+",
        collapseIcon: "-",

    The config passed to react-faq-component is an object having below keys(mentioned in the table).

    attribute type optional details
    animate Boolean true Whether to enable the (row) content animation (default val : true)
    arrowIcon JSX/string true Custom component to display instead of default arrow
    tabFocus Boolean true Whether to add outline on tab focus (default val : false). Focus outline is added when keyboard tab is used to navigate through the contents
    openOnload Boolean true Index of the row to expand onload (0 for first row)
    expandIcon string true Text to Show when row is collapsed (collapseIcon is required).
    collapseIcon string true Text to Show when row is expanded

    Note: arrowIcon is not displayed if expandIcon and collapseIcon is provided.

    styles props format

    styles attribute in data is optional and can be used to change text/bg color in FAQ component. e.g:

    const data = {
      title: ...,
      rows: [...],
      styles: {
        // bgColor: 'white',
        titleTextColor: 'blue',
        // titleTextSize: '48px',
        rowTitleColor: 'blue',
        // rowTitleTextSize: 'medium',
        // rowContentColor: 'grey',
        rowContentTextSize: '16px',
        // rowContentPaddingTop: '10px',
        rowContentPaddingBottom: '10px',
        rowContentPaddingLeft: '50px',
        // rowContentPaddingRight: '150px',
        // arrowColor: "red",
        //transitionDuration: "1s",
        // timingFunc: "ease"
    attribute type optional default value details
    bgColor String true white background color of faq-component
    titleTextColor String true black text color of FAQ title/header text
    titleTextSize String true 30px size of FAQ title/header text
    rowTitleColor String true black text color of title text of rowItems
    rowTitleTextSize String true large size of title text in rowItems
    rowContentColor String true black text color of row content in rowItems
    rowContentTextSize String true medium size of row content in rowItems
    arrowColor String true black color of row arrow
    rowContentPaddingTop String true 0 value of padding-top of row content in rowItems
    rowContentPaddingBottom String true 0 value of padding-bottom of row content in rowItems
    rowContentPaddingLeft String true 0 value of padding-left of row content in rowItems
    rowContentPaddingRight String true 0 value of padding-right of row content in rowItems
    transitionDuration String true 0.3s transition duration for expanding row content
    timingFunc String true ease transition function for expanding row content

    If the above style options are not enough, you can write you own custom css to apply styles on the elements.

    .faq-row-wrapper {
        .faq-title {
        .faq-body {
            .faq-row {
                .row-title {
                .row-content {
                    .row-content-text {

    Example with css style

    These classnames are applied to the elements and do not contain any styles.

    getRowOptions props (optional)

    A function is passed as a value to getRowOptions prop, which gets called with an array parameter. The length of the array is the same as the number of rows present in FAQ data. 3 functions in an object are exported per row to toggle and scrollTntoView.

        // option for first row item
            close: () => {},
            expand: () => {},
            scrollIntoView: (option) => {}, // option values :


    export default function SampleFaqApp() {
        const [rows, setRowsOption] = useState(null);
        useEffect(() => {
            if (rows) {
                setTimeout(() => {
                }, 2500);
                setTimeout(() => {
                }, 5000);
                setTimeout(() => {
                    // rows[0].scrollIntoView(true);
                }, 10000);
        }, [rows]);
        return (
                <h2 className="section-title">FAQ section</h2>
                <div className="faq-style-wrapper">
                    <Faq data={data} getRowOptions={setRowsOption} />

    Note: On accessing invalid array index, an error will be logged in console.


    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2


    MIT © binodswain


    npm i react-faq-component

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