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    This component was created to be a light weight and fully accessible dropdown component for React. For a more feature heavy and powerful dropdown look to the react-select package. (This dropdown is inspired by react-select)

    Upgrading to v3

    Please take note when upgrading from v2 to v3 there are breaking changes. Be sure to carefully read the changelog entry for v3.0.0.


    1. Fully customizable styling (powered by styled-components)
    2. Grouped options
    3. Accessible
    4. Searchable
    5. Custom render function props
    6. Typescript typings

    Peer dependencies:

    • Styled-components (Used for styling)

    Demo And Examples

    For demo and examples see


    Simply use npm or yarn to install the package.

    // Yarn
    $ yarn add react-dropdown-aria styled-components
    // npm
    $ npm install --save react-dropdown-aria styled-components

    You can then include it in your project as needed:

    import Dropdown from 'react-dropdown-aria';


    Options should be provided to the Dropdown as an array of objects.

    Simple Example:

      options: {[
        { value: 'one' },
        { value: 'two' },
        { value: 'three' }

    Each option object in the array of options can have the following keys:

    key Type Default Description
    ariaLabel string null Aria Label to be applied to the option
    className string null CSS class to be applied to this option
    title string null HTML title to be used for the option
    value string null The value to be displayed in the dropdown (Required)

    Groups Example

    Groups of items can also be implemented by pasing an array of objects of the following form to the dropdown options prop:

      options: {[
        { label: 'Group 1', groupOptions: optionsGroup1 },
        { label: 'Group 2', groupOptions: optionsGroup2 },

    Where the groupOptions is an array of options as described above, and the label is the string to display above the group in the dropdown.


    Custom styling can be applied to the dropdown through 2 ways:

    1. CSS className props (As seen in props table below)
    2. JavaScript Objects passed to the theme prop (Example)
    3. Using the styled-components library (Example)

    Option 1

    The suggested method is by using the theme prop as shown in the Custom Styling Example. The theme prop can have keys of the following form:

    type RdaTheme = {
      wrapper?: ThemeObjectOrFunction<DropdownWrapperProps>;
      selector?: ThemeObjectOrFunction<DropdownSelectorProps>;
      selectorSearch?: ThemeObjectOrFunction;
      selectedValue?: ThemeObjectOrFunction<SelectedValueProps>;
      placeholder?: ThemeObjectOrFunction<PlaceholderProps>;
      arrow?: ThemeObjectOrFunction<ArrowProps>;
      optionContainer?: ThemeObjectOrFunction<OptionContainerProps>;
      groupContainer?: ThemeObjectOrFunction;
      groupHeading?: ThemeObjectOrFunction;
      groupDivider?: ThemeObjectOrFunction;
      optionItem?: ThemeObjectOrFunction<OptionItemWrapProps>;

    As is shown above, each key in the theme object can be either a plain object or function. If you need access to the current state of the dropdown then you should pass a function which will be called with the appropiate state. The theme object you provide will be merged with the default theme.

    option 3

    If you would prefer to use option 3, you can apply styles to the sub components of the dropdown using the method described here. The sub components can be imported via

    import { StyledDropdownComponents } from 'react-dropdown-aria';

    Each component is a property on that import and has the same keys as those listed above using typical component casing. (Example)

    Dropdown Props

    Property Type Default Description
    ariaDescribedBy string null ID of element that should be used to describe the dropdown
    ariaLabel string null Aria Label to be applied to the main dropdown button
    ariaLabelledBy string null ID of element that should be used as the label for the dropdown
    arrowRenderer function undefined Custom function to render the arrow for the dropdown
    centerText boolean false Whether main dropdown button text should be centered or not
    className string undefined CSS class to be applied to the drodown
    contentClassName string undefined CSS class to be applied to the dropdown option ul container
    defaultOpen boolean false Whether the dropdown should be open by default
    disabled boolean false Whether the dropdown should be disabled or not
    height number null Use to set the dropdown height manually
    hideArrow boolean false Controls whether dropdown component has the arrow or not
    id string undefined id to be passed to the main dropdown button
    maxContentHeight number null Controls the max height of the dropdown area that contains all options
    onChange function undefined Function called when the selected value changes
    openUp boolean false Whether dropdown should open up or not
    optionRenderer function undefined Custom function to render the options displayed in the dropdown
    options array [] Array of option objects
    optionClassName string undefined CSS class to be applied to all options in the dropdown
    pageKeyTraverseSize number 10 Number of options page up or page down will move the current focused by
    placeholder string Select... Placeholder value for dropdown
    value string null The value of the option that is currently selected (as set by setSelected).
    selectedValueClassName string undefined CSS class to be applied to main drodown button text
    searchable boolean true Whether or not the keyboard can be used to quickly navigate to an item through typing
    theme RdaTheme undefined Use to change the style of the dropdown through js instead of css (see styling section)
    width number null Use to set the dropdown width manually


    Clone the repo

    git clone

    Install node modules

    yarn install

    Then in two seperate consoles start the library and demo

    yarn lib:dev
    yarn demo:start


    npm i react-dropdown-aria

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