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ATTENTON: For now, this must be considered experimental software and not to be used in production.

React Devise


Devise has long been the go-to authentication library for Rails apps. Just drop Devise into your Rails app, make a few tweaks, and get on with building awesome business features.

Much of Devise's functionality involves server side routing and rendering, so what about single page apps? Does Devise do that, or must you leave Devise behind when you move to React? Maybe not. It turns out it's pretty easy to purpose Devise as an authentication backend.

But that leaves undone a bunch of routing and view related functionality that Devise provides out of the box.

Enter React Devise.

The goal of React Devise is to make it extremely easy to add authentication to a new React+Rails app while maintaining the total flexibility that Devise users have come to expect.


React Devise has deep dependencies on a few popular React modules. The most significant are:

If you don't want to use these in your app, React Devise is probably not for you.


yarn add react-devise


Documenation Wiki

Reference App

Have a look at a reference implementation.

To Do

  • Create a ruby gem
  • Ouath support
  • Support multiple resource types
  • Support all devise views
  • Support more customization of messages
  • Possibly an "eject" function to allow full customization of views
  • ???


npm i react-devise

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