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React Design Editor


React Design Editor is a module for React, written in Javascript/Typescript which provides two primary features:

  • Image Editor - Create images in React, draw diagrams and arrange compositions using the image editor and save the result to one of several export formats, provides functionality similar to Powerpoint.
  • Business Process Modelling (BPM) - Design flowcharts and process workflows in React and export the model to JSON, which can be imported into the tool (load/save).

The module primarily uses the Ant Design, Fabric.js and React libraries, but a full list of required dependencies can be found below.

Try it out today - the project is being continually developed to support a variety of different functions.

View Demo

Feature List

  • Add, remove, resize, reorder, clone, copy/paste and drag/drop elements
  • Drawing capability, with polygon, line, arrows and link support
  • Preview mode, tooltips, group/ungroup and zoom functionality
  • Upload (with drag/drop), import and export to JSON or image
  • Image cropping, Image filters, alignment, alignment guides
  • Snap to grid, context menu, animation and video element
  • Various icons in icon picker and fonts from Google Fonts (20)
  • HTML/CSS/JS Element, iFrame element
  • Animation support, with Fade / Bounce / Shake / Scaling / Rotation / Flash effects
  • Code Editor with HTML / CSS / JS / Preview
  • Various interaction modes, including grasp, selection, ctrl + drag grab
  • Multiple layouts, with fixed, responsive, fullscreen and grid modes
  • SVG, Chart and GIF elements
  • Undo/Redo support
  • Wireframes - in development
  • Multiple Map - in development
  • Ruler - in development


Run npm install react-design-editor or yarn add react-design-editor

Getting Started

  1. Clone this Project with git clone https://github.com/salgum1114/react-design-editor.git
  2. Install dependencies with npm install or yarn
  3. Run the App with npm start or yarn start
  4. Open your web browser to http://localhost:4000


Image Map Editor

1. Fixed Layout Mode


2. Responsive Layout Mode


3. Full Screen Layout Mode


4. Preview Mode


Workflow Editor


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Dependency License(s)
React MIT
Ant Design MIT
Fabric.js MIT
MediaElement.js MIT
React-Ace MIT
interact.js MIT
anime.js MIT
Webpack 4 MIT
Babel MIT
fontawesome5 Icons (CC BY 4.0), Fonts (SIL OFL 1.1), Code (MIT)


npm i react-design-editor

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