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React Design Editor


React Design Editor is a module for React, written in Javascript/Typescript which provides two primary features:

  • Image Editor - Create images in React, draw diagrams and arrange compositions using the image editor and save the result to one of several export formats, provides functionality similar to Powerpoint.
  • Business Process Modelling (BPM) - Design flowcharts and process workflows in React and export the model to JSON, which can be imported into the tool (load/save).

The module primarily uses the Ant Design, Fabric.js and React libraries, but a full list of required dependencies can be found below.

Try it out today - the project is being continually developed to support a variety of different functions.

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Feature List

  • [x] Add, remove, resize, reorder, clone, copy/paste and drag/drop elements
  • [x] Drawing capability, with polygon, line, arrows and link support
  • [x] Preview mode, tooltips, group/ungroup and zoom functionality
  • [x] Upload (with drag/drop), import and export to JSON or image
  • [x] Image cropping, Image filters, alignment, alignment guides
  • [x] Snap to grid, context menu, animation and video element
  • [x] Various icons in icon picker and fonts from Google Fonts (20)
  • [x] HTML/CSS/JS Element, iFrame element
  • [x] Animation support, with Fade / Bounce / Shake / Scaling / Rotation / Flash effects
  • [x] Code Editor with HTML / CSS / JS / Preview
  • [x] Various interaction modes, including grasp, selection, ctrl + drag grab
  • [x] Multiple layouts, with fixed, responsive, fullscreen and grid modes
  • [x] SVG, Chart and GIF elements
  • [x] Undo/Redo support
  • [ ] Wireframes - in development
  • [ ] Multiple Map - in development
  • [ ] Ruler - in development


Run npm install react-design-editor or yarn add react-design-editor

Getting Started

  1. Clone this Project with git clone
  2. Install dependencies with npm install or yarn
  3. Run the App with npm start or yarn start
  4. Open your web browser to http://localhost:4000


Image Map Editor

1. Fixed Layout Mode


2. Responsive Layout Mode


3. Full Screen Layout Mode


4. Preview Mode


Workflow Editor


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Dependency License(s)
React MIT
Ant Design MIT
Fabric.js MIT
MediaElement.js MIT
React-Ace MIT
interact.js MIT
anime.js MIT
Webpack 4 MIT
Babel MIT
fontawesome5 Icons (CC BY 4.0), Fonts (SIL OFL 1.1), Code (MIT)

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