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    React Dazzle

    Dashboards made easy in React JS

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    Dazzle is a library for building dashboards with React JS. Dazzle does not depend on any front-end libraries but it makes it easier to integrate with them.

    Dazzle's goal is to be flexible and simple. Even though there are some UI components readily available out of the box, you have the complete control to override them as you wish with your own styles and layout.


    • Grid based layout
    • Add/Remove widgets
    • Drag and drop widget re-ordering
    • UI framework agnostic
    • Simple yet flexible
    • Well documented (It's a feature! Don't you think?)


    $ npm install react-dazzle --save

    Dazzle me

    Here is a demo. Widgets shows fake data though but they look so damn cool (At least for me).

    Repository of the demo is available here.


    import React, { Component } from 'react';
    import Dashboard from 'react-dazzle';
    // Your widget. Just another react component.
    import CounterWidget from './widgets/CounterWidget';
    // Default styles.
    import 'react-dazzle/lib/style/style.css';
    class App extends Component {
      constructor() {
        this.state = {      
          widgets: {
            WordCounter: {
              type: CounterWidget,
              title: 'Counter widget',
          layout: {
            rows: [{
              columns: [{
                className: 'col-md-12',
                widgets: [{key: 'WordCounter'}],
      render() {
        return <Dashboard  widgets={this.state.widgets} layout={this.state.layout}  />


    Props Type Description Required
    layout Object Layout of the dashboard. Yes
    widgets Object Widgets that could be added to the dashboard. Yes
    editable Boolean Indicates whether the dashboard is in editable mode. No
    rowClass String CSS class name(s) that should be given to the row div element. Default is row. No
    editableColumnClass String CSS class name(s) that should be used when a column is in editable mode. No
    droppableColumnClass String CSS class name(s) that should be used when a widget is about to be dropped in a column. No
    frameComponent Component Customized frame component which should be used instead of the default frame. More on custom frame component. No
    addWidgetComponent Component Customized add widget component which should be used instead of the default AddWidget component. More on custom add widget component. No
    addWidgetComponentText String Text that should be displayed in the Add Widget component. Default is Add Widget. No
    onAdd(layout, rowIndex, columnIndex) function Will be called when user clicks the AddWidget component. No
    onRemove(layout) function Will be called when a widget is removed. No
    onMove(layout) function Will be called when a widget is moved. No

    Providing widgets

    widgets prop of the dashboard component takes an object. A sample widgets object would look like below. This object holds all the widgets that could be used in the dashboard.

      HelloWorldWidget: {
        type: HelloWorld,
        title: 'Hello World Title',
        props: {
          text: 'Hello Humans!'
      AnotherWidget: {
        type: AnotherWidget,
        title: 'Another Widget Title'
    • type property - Should be a React component function or class.
    • title property - Title of the widget that should be displayed on top of the widget.
    • props property - Props that should be provided to the widget.

    Dashboard layout

    The layout prop takes the current layout of the dashboard. Layout could have multiple rows and columns. A sample layout object with a single row and two columns would look like below.

      rows: [{
        columns: [{
          className: 'col-md-6 col-sm-6 col-xs-12',
          widgets: [{key: 'HelloWorldWidget'}]
        }, {
          className: 'col-md-6 col-sm-6 col-xs-12',
          widgets: [{key: 'AnotherWidget'}]
    • className property - CSS class(es) that should be given to the column in the grid layout. Above sample layout uses the classes from bootstrap library. You could use the classes of your CSS library.
    • widgets property - An array of widgets that should be rendered in that particular column. key property of the widgets array should be a key from the widgets object.

    Edit mode

    Setting editable prop to true will make the dashboard editable.

    Add new widget

    When user tries to add a new widget, the onAdd callback will be called. More info here on how to handle widget addition.

    Remove a widget

    When a widget is removed, onRemove method will be called and new layout (The layout with the widget removed) will be available as an argument of onRemove method. Set the provided layout again to the dashboard to complete the widget removal. The Sample repository has the this feature implemented.


    Implementing custom WidgetFrame component

    A frame is the component which surrounds a widget. A frame has the title and the close button. Dazzle provides a default frame out of the box. But if you want, you can customize the frame as you like. More info here.

    Implementing custom AddWidget component

    Dazzle also allows you to customize the Add Widget component which appears when you enter edit mode. More info here.


    • Improve drag and drop experience (#1)


    MIT © Raathigeshan



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