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npm install react-data-grid

react-data-grid is published as ECMAScript modules for evergreen browsers / bundlers, and CommonJS for server-side rendering / Jest.

Quick start

import 'react-data-grid/lib/styles.css';

import DataGrid from 'react-data-grid';

const columns = [
  { key: 'id', name: 'ID' },
  { key: 'title', name: 'Title' }

const rows = [
  { id: 0, title: 'Example' },
  { id: 1, title: 'Demo' }

function App() {
  return <DataGrid columns={columns} rows={rows} />;



<DataGrid />

columns: readonly Column<R, SR>[]

See Column.

An array describing the grid's columns.

⚠️ Passing a new columns array will trigger a re-render for the whole grid, avoid changing it as much as possible for optimal performance.

rows: readonly R[]

An array of rows, the rows data can be of any type.

topSummaryRows?: Maybe<readonly SR[]>
bottomSummaryRows?: Maybe<readonly SR[]>

An optional array of summary rows, usually used to display total values for example.

rowKeyGetter?: Maybe<(row: R) => K>

A function returning a unique key/identifier per row. rowKeyGetter is required for row selection to work.

import DataGrid from 'react-data-grid';

interface Row {
  id: number;
  name: string;

function rowKeyGetter(row: Row) {

function MyGrid() {
  return <DataGrid columns={columns} rows={rows} rowKeyGetter={rowKeyGetter} />;

💡 While optional, setting this prop is recommended for optimal performance as the returned value is used to set the key prop on the row elements.

onRowsChange?: Maybe<(rows: R[], data: RowsChangeData<R, SR>) => void>

A function receiving row updates. The first parameter is a new rows array with both the updated rows and the other untouched rows. The second parameter is an object with an indexes array highlighting which rows have changed by their index, and the column where the change happened.

import { useState } from 'react';
import DataGrid from 'react-data-grid';

function MyGrid() {
  const [rows, setRows] = useState(initialRows);

  return <DataGrid columns={columns} rows={rows} onRowsChange={setRows} />;
rowHeight?: Maybe<number | ((row: R) => number)>

Default: 35 pixels

Either a number defining the height of row in pixels, or a function returning dynamic row heights.

headerRowHeight?: Maybe<number>

Default: 35 pixels

A number defining the height of the header row.

summaryRowHeight?: Maybe<number>

Default: 35 pixels

A number defining the height of summary rows.

selectedRows?: Maybe<ReadonlySet<K>>
onSelectedRowsChange?: Maybe<(selectedRows: Set<K>) => void>
sortColumns?: Maybe<readonly SortColumn[]>
onSortColumnsChange?: Maybe<(sortColumns: SortColumn[]) => void>
defaultColumnOptions?: Maybe<DefaultColumnOptions<R, SR>>
groupBy?: Maybe<readonly string[]>
rowGrouper?: Maybe<(rows: readonly R[], columnKey: string) => Record<string, readonly R[]>>
expandedGroupIds?: Maybe<ReadonlySet<unknown>>
onExpandedGroupIdsChange?: Maybe<(expandedGroupIds: Set<unknown>) => void>
onFill?: Maybe<(event: FillEvent<R>) => R>
onCopy?: Maybe<(event: CopyEvent<R>) => void>
onPaste?: Maybe<(event: PasteEvent<R>) => R>
onCellClick?: Maybe<(args: CellClickArgs<R, SR>, event: CellMouseEvent) => void>
onCellDoubleClick?: Maybe<(args: CellClickArgs<R, SR>, event: CellMouseEvent) => void>
onCellContextMenu?: Maybe<(args: CellClickArgs<R, SR>, event: CellMouseEvent) => void>
onCellKeyDown?: Maybe<(args: CellKeyDownArgs<R, SR>, event: CellKeyboardEvent) => void>
onSelectedCellChange?: Maybe<(args: CellSelectArgs<R, SR>) => void>;

Triggered when the selected cell is changed.


  • args.rowIdx: number - row index
  • args.row: R - row object of the currently selected cell
  • args.column: CalculatedColumn<TRow, TSummaryRow> - column object of the currently selected cell
onScroll?: Maybe<(event: React.UIEvent<HTMLDivElement>) => void>
onColumnResize?: Maybe<(idx: number, width: number) => void>
enableVirtualization?: Maybe<boolean>
renderers?: Maybe<Renderers<R, SR>>

This prop can be used to override the internal renderers. The prop accepts an object of type

interface Renderers<TRow, TSummaryRow> {
  renderCheckbox?: Maybe<(props: RenderCheckboxProps) => ReactNode>;
  renderRow?: Maybe<(key: Key, props: RenderRowProps<TRow, TSummaryRow>) => ReactNode>;
  renderSortStatus?: Maybe<(props: RenderSortStatusProps) => ReactNode>;
  noRowsFallback?: Maybe<ReactNode>;

For example, the default <Row /> component can be wrapped via the renderRow prop to add context providers or tweak props

import DataGrid, { RenderRowProps, Row } from 'react-data-grid';

function myRowRenderer(key: React.Key, props: RenderRowProps<Row>) {
  return (
    <MyContext.Provider key={key} value={123}>
      <Row {...props} />

function MyGrid() {
  return <DataGrid columns={columns} rows={rows} renderers={{ renderRow: myRowRenderer }} />;

⚠️ To prevent all rows from being unmounted on re-renders, make sure to pass a static or memoized component to renderRow.

rowClass?: Maybe<(row: R) => Maybe<string>>
direction?: Maybe<'ltr' | 'rtl'>

This property sets the text direction of the grid, it defaults to 'ltr' (left-to-right). Setting direction to 'rtl' has the following effects:

  • Columns flow from right to left
  • Frozen columns are pinned on the right
  • Column resize handle is shown on the left edge of the column
  • Scrollbar is moved to the left
className?: string | undefined
style?: CSSProperties | undefined
'aria-label'?: string | undefined
'aria-labelledby'?: string | undefined
'aria-describedby'?: string | undefined
'data-testid'?: Maybe<string>

<TextEditor />


See RenderEditCellProps

<Row />

See renderers


See RenderRowProps

The ref prop is supported.

<SortableHeaderCell />

onSort: (ctrlClick: boolean) => void
sortDirection: SortDirection | undefined
priority: number | undefined
tabIndex: number
children: React.ReactNode

<ValueFormatter />


See FormatterProps

<SelectCellFormatter />

value: boolean
tabIndex: number
disabled?: boolean | undefined
onChange: (value: boolean, isShiftClick: boolean) => void
onClick?: MouseEventHandler<T> | undefined
'aria-label'?: string | undefined
'aria-labelledby'?: string | undefined

<ToggleGroupFormatter />


See RenderGroupCellProps


useRowSelection<R>(): [boolean, (selectRowEvent: SelectRowEvent<R>) => void]


SelectColumn: Column<any, any>

SELECT_COLUMN_KEY = 'select-row'









  • R, TRow: Row type
  • SR, TSummaryRow: Summary row type
  • K: Row key type



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