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ColorPickerPalette is a React reusable color picker palette written in ES6.

ColorPickerPalette for React


  • Color picking from the palette.
  • Live color preview.
  • Color marker.
  • Color result in RGB and HEX format.
  • Remember last color selected.
  • Automatic save color to clipboard.
  • Easy to use and install.

Great! So how do I use it?

  • Add this dependecy in your package.json: "dependencies": { "react-color-picker-palette": "^1.1.2" } and run npm install.
  • Add a reference to ColorPickerPalette.js in your React application: import ColorPickerPalette from '.node_modules/react-color-picker-palette/ColorPickerPalette.jsx.
  • Initiate the color picker in your render() function: <ColorPickerPalette id='yourPicker'/>.

How do I run the examples?

  • First install all dependencies folder using: npm install.
  • Now runs your local server: npm start.
  • Run the examples: gulp examples.


You can customize the defaults layout for the entire componenet using CSS. The default style is visible at ColorPickerPalette.css