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    react chessboard

    The React Chessboard Library used at

    Inspired and adapted from the unmaintained chessboardjsx

    Pull Requests Version MIT License

    What is react-chessboard?

    react-chessboard is a React component that provides chessboard functionality to your application. The Chess game logic that controls the board should be independent to the board, using a library such as Chess.js. An example of these two working together is shown in the example below. For interactive examples visit was originally built utilising the chessboardjsx library. With chessboardjsx being unmaintained, it made it difficult to add functionality or optimise performance, so react-chessboard was made.


    npm i react-chessboard



    • Accessible Functions
      • chessboardRef.current.clearPremoves();, takes optional boolean parameter clearLastPieceColour to allow/disallow further premoves of the last moved piece color. Default: true
    • Board Orientation Choice
    • Custom Actions
      • getPositionObject
      • onArrowsChange
      • onDragOverSquare
      • onMouseOutSquare
      • onMouseOverSquare
      • onPieceClick
      • onPieceDragBegin
      • onPieceDragEnd
      • onPieceDrop
      • onSquareClick
      • onSquareRightClick
    • Customisable Board Styles
    • Customisable Pieces
    • Customisable Square Styles
    • Drag and Drop
    • Draw Arrows with Drag or Props
    • Mobile Compatibility
    • Moving Piece Animations
    • Optional Square Coordinates Notation
    • Position Control
    • Premoves
    • Responsive Board Width
    • TypeScript Support


    • Promotion Piece Select
    • Spare Pieces


    • Between version 0.0.3 and 0.0.4, onPieceDrop was changed to allow you to return a value of true or false depending on whether the move was successful or not.
    • If more than one board is rendered and draggable on a low end device, performance will struggle due to performance issues with react-dnd.
    • In the rare case that react-chessboard component is hot swapped out for another in its place, this will cause an issue with the CustomDragLayer. To prevent this, the react-chessboard component needs to be completely unmounted before being replaced. An example of how this can be achieved is shown in example/src/index.js.


    Bare Minimum

    import { Chessboard } from "react-chessboard";
    export default function App() {
      return (
          <Chessboard id="BasicBoard" />

    Basic Example

    import { useState } from "react";
    import Chess from "chess.js";
    import { Chessboard } from "react-chessboard";
    export default function PlayRandomMoveEngine() {
      const [game, setGame] = useState(new Chess());
      function makeAMove(move) {
        const gameCopy = { };
        const result = gameCopy.move(move);
        return result; // null if the move was illegal, the move object if the move was legal
      function makeRandomMove() {
        const possibleMoves = game.moves();
        if (game.game_over() || game.in_draw() || possibleMoves.length === 0)
          return; // exit if the game is over
        const randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * possibleMoves.length);
      function onDrop(sourceSquare, targetSquare) {
        const move = makeAMove({
          from: sourceSquare,
          to: targetSquare,
          promotion: 'q' // always promote to a queen for example simplicity
        // illegal move
        if (move === null) return false;
        setTimeout(makeRandomMove, 200);
        return true;
      return <Chessboard position={game.fen()} onPieceDrop={onDrop} />;

    Advanced Examples

    For more advanced code usage examples, please see example boards shown in example/src/boards.


    Prop Default Value Options Description
    animationDuration number: 300 Time in milliseconds for piece to slide to target square. Only used when the position is programmatically changed. If a new position is set before the animation is complete, the board will cancel the current animation and snap to the new position.
    areArrowsAllowed boolean: true [true, false] Whether or not arrows can be drawn with right click and dragging.
    arePiecesDraggable boolean: true [true, false] Whether or not all pieces are draggable.
    arePremovesAllowed boolean: false [true, false] Whether or not premoves are allowed.
    boardOrientation string: 'white' ['white', 'black'] The orientation of the board, the chosen colour will be at the bottom of the board.
    boardWidth number: 560 The width of the board in pixels.
    clearPremovesOnRightClick boolean: true [true, false] If premoves are allowed, whether or not to clear the premove queue on right click.
    customArrowColor string: 'rgb(255,170,0)' rgb or hex string String with rgb or hex value to colour drawn arrows.
    customArrows string[][]: [] array of string arrays Array of custom arrows to draw on the board. Each arrow within the array must be an array of length 2 with strings denoting the from and to square to draw the arrow e.g. [ ['a3', 'a5'], ['g1', 'f3'] ].
    customBoardStyle object: {} inline CSS styling Custom board style object e.g. { borderRadius: '5px', boxShadow: '0 5px 15px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5 '}.
    customDarkSquareStyle object: { backgroundColor: '#B58863' } inline CSS styling Custom dark square style object.
    customDndBackend BackendFactory: undefined Custom react-dnd backend to use instead of the one provided by react-chessboard.
    customDndBackendOptions any: undefined Options to use for the given custom react-dnd backend. See customDndBackend.
    customDropSquareStyle object: { boxShadow: 'inset 0 0 1px 6px rgba(255,255,255,0.75)' } inline CSS styling Custom drop square style object (Square being hovered over with dragged piece).
    customLightSquareStyle object: { backgroundColor: '#F0D9B5' } inline CSS styling Custom light square style object.
    customPieces object: {} Custom pieces object where each key must match a corresponding chess piece (wP, wB, wN, wR, wQ, wK, bP, bB, bN, bR, bQ, bK). The value of each piece is a function that takes in some optional arguments to use and must return JSX to render. e.g. { wK: ({ isDragging: boolean, squareWidth: number, droppedPiece: string, targetSquare: string, sourceSquare: string }) => jsx }.
    customPremoveDarkSquareStyle object: { backgroundColor: '#A42323' } inline CSS styling Custom premove dark square style object.
    customPremoveLightSquareStyle object: { backgroundColor: '#BD2828' } inline CSS styling Custom premove light square style object.
    customSquareStyles object: {} inline CSS styling Custom styles for all squares.
    id number: 0 [string, number] Board identifier, necessary if more than one board is mounted for drag and drop.
    isDraggablePiece function: ({ piece, sourceSquare }) => true returns [true, false] Function called when a piece drag is attempted. Returns if piece is draggable.
    getPositionObject function: (currentPosition) => {} User function that receives current position object when position changes.
    onArrowsChange function: (squares) => {} User function is run when arrows are set on the board.
    onDragOverSquare function: (square) => {} User function that is run when piece is dragged over a square.
    onMouseOutSquare function: (square) => {} User function that is run when mouse leaves a square.
    onMouseOverSquare function: (square) => {} User function that is run when mouse is over a square.
    onPieceClick function: (piece) => {} User function that is run when piece is clicked.
    onPieceDragBegin function: (piece, sourceSquare) => {} User function that is run when piece is grabbed to start dragging.
    onPieceDragEnd function: (piece, sourceSquare) => {} User function that is run when piece is let go after dragging.
    onPieceDrop function: (sourceSquare, targetSquare, piece) => true returns [true, false] User function that is run when piece is dropped on a square. Must return whether the move was successful or not. This return value does not control whether or not the piece was placed (as that is controlled by the position prop) but instead controls premove logic.
    onSquareClick function: (square) => {} User function that is run when a square is clicked.
    onSquareRightClick function: (square) => {} User function that is run when a square is right clicked.
    position string: 'start' ['start', FEN string, { e5: 'wK', e4: 'wP', ... }] FEN string or position object notating where the chess pieces are on the board. Start position can also be notated with the string: 'start'.
    showBoardNotation boolean: true [true, false] Whether or not to show the file and rank co-ordinates (a..h, 1..8).
    snapToCursor boolean: true [true, false] Whether or not to center dragged pieces on the mouse cursor.


    1. Fork this repository
    2. Clone your forked repository onto your development machine git clone cd react-chessboard
    3. Create a branch for your PR git checkout -b your-branch-name
    4. Set upstream remote git remote add upstream
    5. Make your changes
    6. Test your changes using the example folder npm run build cd example npm start
    7. Push your changes git add . git commit -m "feature/cool-new-feature" git push --set-upstream origin your-branch-name
    8. Create pull request on GitHub
    9. Contribute again git checkout main git pull upstream main git checkout -b your-new-branch-name




    npm i react-chessboard

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