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    👤 Load, crop and preview avatar with ReactJS component

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    npm i react-avatar-edit


    import React from 'react'
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
    import Avatar from 'react-avatar-edit'
    class App extends React.Component {
      constructor(props) {
        const src = './example/einshtein.jpg'
        this.state = {
          preview: null,
        this.onCrop = this.onCrop.bind(this)
        this.onClose = this.onClose.bind(this)
        this.onBeforeFileLoad = this.onBeforeFileLoad.bind(this)
      onClose() {
        this.setState({preview: null})
      onCrop(preview) {
      onBeforeFileLoad(elem) {
        if([0].size > 71680){
          alert("File is too big!");
 = "";
      render () {
        return (
            <img src={this.state.preview} alt="Preview" />
    ReactDOM.render(<App /> , document.getElementById('root'))

    Component properties

    Prop Type Description
    img Image The Image object to display
    src String/Base64 The url to base64 string to load (use urls from your domain to prevent security errors)
    width Number The width of the editor
    height Number The height of the editor (image will fit to this height if neither imageHeight, nor imageWidth is set)
    imageWidth Number The desired width of the image, can not be used together with imageHeight
    imageHeight Number The desired height of the image, can not be used together with imageWidth
    cropRadius Number The crop area radius in px (default: calculated as min image with/height / 3)
    cropColor String The crop border color (default: white)
    lineWidth Number The crop border width (default: 4)
    minCropRadius Number The min crop area radius in px (default: 30)
    backgroundColor Sting The color of the image background (default: white)
    closeIconColor String The close button color (default: white)
    shadingColor String The shading color (default: grey)
    shadingOpacity Number The shading area opacity (default: 0.6)
    mimeTypes String The mime types used to filter loaded files (default: image/jpeg,image/png)
    label String Label text (default: Choose a file)
    labelStyle Object The style object for preview label (use camel case for css properties fore example: fontSize)
    borderStyle Object The style for object border preview (use camel case for css properties fore example: fontSize)
    onImageLoad(image) Function Invoked when image based on src prop finish loading
    onCrop(image) Function Invoked when user drag&drop event stop and return croped image in base64 sting
    onBeforeFileLoad(file) Function Invoked when user before upload file with internal file loader (etc. check file size)
    onFileLoad(file) Function Invoked when user upload file with internal file loader
    onClose() Function Invoked when user clicks on close editor button
    exportAsSquare Boolean The exported image is a square and the circle is not cut-off from the image
    exportSize Number The size the exported image should have (width and height equal). The cropping will be made on the original image to ensure a high quality. Only supported when using "exportAsSquare"
    exportMimeType String The mime type that should be used to export the image, supported are: image/jpeg, image/png (Default: image/png)
    exportQuality Number The quality that should be used when exporting in image/jpeg. A value between 0.0 and 1.0.


    • To start developer server please use npm run start
    • To build production bundle use npm run build


    npm i react-avatar-edit

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