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RDF Interfaces Extension

Attention: a lot of work has gone through rdf-ext 0.3.0 and it doesn't match this documentation. Right now you can have a look at the tests and at the different packages under the rdf-ext organization. Documentation will be updated soon

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RDF-Ext provides a JavaScript library for working with RDF & Linked Data. This module contains the core classes to handle RDF Model data. Additional modules may be required to handle data in different formats (Turtle, JSON-LD, RDF/XML) or stores (LDP, SPARQL). The module section lists the most common modules.


In general, consult the API documentation for details about how to interact with the library.


RDF-Ext is available on npm, to install it run:

npm install rdf-ext

In the code, import RDF-Ext:

var rdf = require('rdf-ext');


Just import the RDF-Ext distribution:

<script src="/js/rdf-ext.js"></script>


You can download a prebuilt or custom distribution from the RDF-Ext distribution builder site. The RDF-Ext distribution builder also offers a command line interface to build custom distributions.


If you build your application with Browserify, RDF-Ext can be bundled flawless.


Issues & feature requests should be reported on Github.

Pull requests are very welcome.


There are many modules for parsing, serializing, stores for persistence and simplified data handling.



  • Abstract - Can be used to implement own serializers
  • JSON-LD - Outputs JSON-LD in flat document form
  • N-Triples - Uses the .toNT() method to serialize N-Triples
  • Turtle - Uses N3.js for serializing
  • SPARQL Update - Generates INSERT DATA SPARQL updates


  • Abstract - Abstract implementation, can be used to build your own store
  • ACL wrapper - Add ACL support to your RDF store
  • File system - Using the file system
  • In Memory - Store loaded in memomory
  • LDP - Query an external Linked Data Platform via RESTful HTTP requests
  • Local/Remote - Uses a local store or a remote store depending on the IRI
  • Multistore - Use multiple store depending on the IRI
  • Single graph (memory) - Store has only a single graph
  • SPARQL - Uses the Graph Store HTTP Protocol interface


  • Clownface - Simple but powerful graph traversing library
  • Common Formats - Loads parsers and serializers for the most common formats
  • SimpleRDF - Simple but powerful graph to object mapping