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Getting Ractive.js

The easiest way to download the latest released version of Ractive is to grab it from http://cdn.ractivejs.org/latest/{filename}.js, where {filename} is one of

If you'd like to get the most recent version, substitute 'edge' for 'latest' in the URL, e.g. http://cdn.ractivejs.org/edge/ractive.js. These builds have passed the tests but may include experimental features, so should not be used in production.

For specific stable releases, replace 'latest' with e.g. '0.5.0'.

If you use bower for frontend package management, you can do

$ bower install ractive

To download the edge version, use the edge tag:

$ bower install ractive#edge

(If you want to redownload it, you may need to clean bower's cache with bower cache clean ractive.)

$ npm install ractive

Starting with 0.4.0, releases live on the build branch. It's therefore possible to npm install the most recent builds straight from GitHub:

$ npm install git://github.com/ractivejs/ractive.git#v0.4.1-pre

(The v0.4.1-pre tag - which will change after each stable release - is equivalent to the edge tag, but npm requires valid semver tags.)