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This package contains coordination-storage plugin for QTopology that uses MySQL database to store and manipulate coordination data.

NPM package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/qtopology-mysql


npm install qtopology-mysql


The database doesn't need to be prepared in advance. All the objects will be created automatically, using the scripts in the db directory:

  • init.sql - create initial database state that will be used to upgrade schema to latest version.
  • reset.sql - resets database schema to the initial state. Removes all data, tables and stored procedures.
  • clear.sql - just erases all data, but leaves schema in tact. Should be used on the latest schema.
  • vX.sql - version upgrades.

Each time the coordinator is instantiated, it first peforms database initialization by executing these steps:

run init.js
fetch version from database
detect version-upgrade files that need to be run
for each upgrade file
    run file
    update version

If database schema is already at the latest version, then nothing happens.

Database schema


Table Description
qtopology_settings Simple settings, also contains version information
qtopology_worker List of workers, their statuses and latest pings
qtopology_topology List of topologies, their statuses and latest pings
qtopology_message Message queue for workers
qtopology_worker_history List of important changes inside qtopology_worker table
qtopology_topology_hostory List of important changes inside qtopology_topology table

Stored procedures

Table Description
qtopology_sp_add_topology_history Enters new historical record for topology
qtopology_sp_add_worker_history Enters new historical record for worker
qtopology_sp_announce_leader_candidacy Sets status for given worker that it is a candidate for leadership
qtopology_sp_check_leader_candidacy Checks if leadership candidacy succeeded for given worker
qtopology_sp_disable_defunct_leaders Disables leaders that have been inactive too long or are marked as dead
qtopology_sp_disable_defunct_workers Disables workers that have been inactive too long or are marked as dead
qtopology_sp_leader_ping Updates last ping for given leader
qtopology_sp_worker_ping Updates last ping for given worker, doesn't change status
qtopology_sp_messages_for_worker Retrieves messages for single worker
qtopology_sp_refresh_statuses Refreshes all statuses by calling other stored procedures that update inactive workers etc.
qtopology_sp_register_topology Registers new topology. If topology exists, it is overwritten.
qtopology_sp_register_worker Registers new worker. If worker exists, it is overwritten.
qtopology_sp_unassign_waiting_topologies Sets topologies that have been assigned a while ago but are not running as unassigned.
qtopology_sp_worker_statuses Counts how many workers are in certain leadership status.



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