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    This package is inspired by protractor-html-reporter which developed based upon inspiration of cucumber-html-report.

    You can use this package to generate HTML report for Protractor test execution with pie charts based on xml file with tests results. For generating xml file with tests results you can use jasmine-reporters.
    This reporter can also display screenshots taken on test failure. To get the screenshots you can use jasmine2-protractor-utils module.

    repo :

    Additional Changes from protractor-html-reporter:

    • Added "100%" width for TestSuite rows in CSS

    • Added report name outputFilename capability for report

    outputFilename: 'ProtractorTestReport'

    • Added current execution testPlatform capability for report

    testPlatform: platform

    • Added a new row for Environment
    • Added condition statement for Failed and Skipped, it will not be displayed if the count is 0.

    Sample images

    Dashboard view:

    Testsuite view:

    Testcase view:

    Screenshot view:

    How to use

    • Converting the xml file to html

       var HTMLReport = require('protractor-html-reporter-2');
       testConfig = {
                   reportTitle: 'Protractor Test Execution Report',
                   outputPath: './',
                   outputFilename: 'ProtractorTestReport',
                   screenshotPath: './screenshots',
                   testBrowser: browserName,
                   browserVersion: browserVersion
       new HTMLReport().from('xmlresults.xml', testConfig);
    • Using with protractor conf.js file

      //HTMLReport called once tests are finished
      onComplete: function() {
           var browserName, browserVersion;
           var capsPromise = browser.getCapabilities();
           capsPromise.then(function (caps) {
              browserName = caps.get('browserName');
              browserVersion = caps.get('version');
              platform = caps.get('platform');
              var HTMLReport = require('protractor-html-reporter-2');
              testConfig = {
                  reportTitle: 'Protractor Test Execution Report',
                  outputPath: './',
                  outputFilename: 'ProtractorTestReport',
                  screenshotPath: './screenshots',
                  testBrowser: browserName,
                  browserVersion: browserVersion,
                  modifiedSuiteName: false,
                  screenshotsOnlyOnFailure: true,
                  testPlatform: platform
              new HTMLReport().from('xmlresults.xml', testConfig);
    • In order to obtain results in xml file you can use jasmine-reporters module:

      var jasmineReporters = require('jasmine-reporters');
      jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new jasmineReporters.JUnitXmlReporter({
          consolidateAll: true,
          savePath: './',
          filePrefix: 'xmlresults'
    • In order to obtain screenshots on failure you can use this piece of code (you have to put it in onPrepare). The directory with screenshots must be in the same location as html report file (e.g. html file is in report directory so screenshots files must be in directory /report/screenshots/).

      var fs = require('fs-extra');
      fs.emptyDir('screenshots/', function (err) {
              specDone: function(result) {
                  if (result.status == 'failed') {
                      browser.getCapabilities().then(function (caps) {
                          var browserName = caps.get('browserName');
                          browser.takeScreenshot().then(function (png) {
                              var stream = fs.createWriteStream('screenshots/' + browserName + '-' + result.fullName+ '.png');
                              stream.write(new Buffer(png, 'base64'));
    • Or you can use jasmine2-protractor-utils module to get the screenshots:

      //In exports.config put this:
      plugins: [{
          package: 'jasmine2-protractor-utils',
          disableHTMLReport: true,
          disableScreenshot: false,
          clearFoldersBeforeTest: true

    If you want to display your screenshots on report you have to pass testBrowser (it's the name of the browser) in testConfig object, because the screenshot's names are in format "browserName-.png" (e.g. "chrome-.png").


    • reportTitle
      The report title displayed in generated html report.
    • outputPath
      The path where to write html report.
    • outputFilename
      The name of html report file (without .html).
    • screenshotPath
      The path where to look for screenshots (the path must be in the same location as html file report e.g. if html file report is in location /report/test-report.html the screenshots must be placed in directory /report/screenshots/.
    • testBrowser
      The name of browser on which the tests were executed. It's necessary if you want to display screenshots in your report.
    • browserVersion
      The version of the browser.
    • modifiedSuiteName (bool) default: false
      It says if suite names were changed at conf.js level. The suite names can be changed using 'jasmine-reporters' module and using modifySuiteName option. If we change the suite names this will also affect the names of screenshots we are looking for. If modifiedSuiteName is set to true the reporter will remove from the suite name the prefix and a dot (e.g. "firefox.") in order to find correct screenshot name. Unfortunately, the reporter will handle such situation only if we change suite name to "browserName.TestSuiteName" form.
    • screenshotsOnlyOnFailure (bool) default: true
      To display screenshots only in testcases that failed. Default value is "true".
    • testPlatform The name of platform on which the tests were executed.


    Thanks to @etxebe and all credits to developers of protractor-html-reporter for nice protractor reporting. The protractor-html-reporter-2 is liitle bit html enhancement of this one. I've just fixed few things, some thing were added from pull requests and this reporter is still based on xml file.


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