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Info on the properties and attributes of the web platform (HTML, SVG, ARIA, XML, XMLNS, XLink).


What is this?

This package contains lots of info on all the properties and attributes found on the web platform. It includes data on HTML, SVG, ARIA, XML, XMLNS, and XLink. The names of the properties follow hast’s sensible naming scheme. It includes info on what data types attributes hold, such as whether they’re booleans or contain lists of space separated numbers.

When should I use this?

You can use this package if you’re working with hast, which is an AST for HTML, or have goals related to ASTs, such as figuring out which properties or attributes are valid, or what data types they hold.


This package is ESM only. In Node.js (version 14.14+, 16.0+), install with npm:

npm install property-information

In Deno with

import * as propertyInformation from ''

In browsers with

<script type="module">
  import * as propertyInformation from ''


import {html, svg, find, normalize} from 'property-information'

console.log(find(html, 'className'))
// Or: find(html, 'class')
console.log(find(svg, 'horiz-adv-x'))
// Or: find(svg, 'horizAdvX')
console.log(find(svg, 'xlink:arcrole'))
// Or: find(svg, 'xLinkArcRole')
console.log(find(html, 'xmlLang'))
// Or: find(html, 'xml:lang')
console.log(find(html, 'ariaValueNow'))
// Or: find(html, 'aria-valuenow')


{space: 'html', attribute: 'class', property: 'className', spaceSeparated: true}
{space: 'svg', attribute: 'horiz-adv-x', property: 'horizAdvX', number: true}
{space: 'xlink', attribute: 'xlink:arcrole', property: 'xLinkArcrole'}
{space: 'xml', attribute: 'xml:lang', property: 'xmlLang'}
{attribute: 'aria-valuenow', property: 'ariaValueNow', number: true}


This package exports the identifiers html, svg, find, normalize, and hastToReact. There is no default export.

find(schema, name)

Look up info on a property.

In most cases, the given schema contains info on the property. All standard, most legacy, and some non-standard properties are supported. For these cases, the returned Info has hints about the value of the property.

name can also be a valid data attribute or property, in which case an Info object with the correctly cased attribute and property is returned.

name can be an unknown attribute, in which case an Info object with attribute and property set to the given name is returned. It is not recommended to provide unsupported legacy or recently specced properties.


  • schema (Schema) — either the html or svg export
  • name (string) — an attribute-like or property-like name that is passed through normalize to find the correct info




Aside from the aforementioned example, which shows known HTML, SVG, XML, XLink, and ARIA support, data properties, and attributes are also supported:

console.log(find(html, 'data-date-of-birth'))
// Or: find(html, 'dataDateOfBirth')
// => {attribute: 'data-date-of-birth', property: 'dataDateOfBirth'}

Unknown values are passed through untouched:

console.log(find(html, 'un-Known'))
// => {attribute: 'un-Known', property: 'un-Known'}


Get the cleaned case insensitive form of an attribute or property.


  • name (string) — an attribute-like or property-like name


string that can be used to look up the properly cased property on a Schema.


html.normal[normalize('for')] // => 'htmlFor'
svg.normal[normalize('VIEWBOX')] // => 'viewBox'
html.normal[normalize('unknown')] // => undefined
html.normal[normalize('accept-charset')] // => 'acceptCharset'



Schema for either HTML or SVG, containing info on properties from the primary space (HTML or SVG) and related embedded spaces (ARIA, XML, XMLNS, XLink).


// => {space: 'html', attribute: 'for', property: 'htmlFor' spaceSeparated: true}
// => {space: 'svg', attribute: 'viewBox', property: 'viewBox'}
// => undefined


A schema for a primary space.

  • space ('html' or 'svg') — primary space of the schema
  • normal (Record<string, string>) — object mapping normalized attributes and properties to properly cased properties
  • property (Record<string, Info>) — object mapping properties to info


Info on a property.

  • space ('html', 'svg', 'xml', 'xlink', 'xmlns', optional) — space of the property
  • attribute (string) — attribute name for the property that could be used in markup (for example: 'aria-describedby', 'allowfullscreen', 'xml:lang', 'for', or 'charoff')
  • property (string) — JavaScript-style camel-cased name, based on the DOM, but sometimes different (for example: 'ariaDescribedBy', 'allowFullScreen', 'xmlLang', 'htmlFor', 'charOff')
  • boolean (boolean) — the property is a boolean (for example: hidden). These properties have an on state when defined and an off state when not defined
  • booleanish (boolean) — the property is like a boolean (for example: draggable) These properties have both an on and off state when defined, and another state when not defined
  • overloadedBoolean (boolean) — the property is like a boolean (for example: download) These properties have an on state plus more states when defined and an off state when not defined
  • number (boolean) — the property is a number (for example: height)
  • spaceSeparated (boolean) — the property is a list separated by spaces (for example: className)
  • commaSeparated (boolean) — the property is a list separated by commas (for example: srcSet)
  • commaOrSpaceSeparated (boolean) — the property is a list separated by spaces or commas (for example: strokeDashArray)
  • mustUseProperty (boolean) — useful when working with the DOM, in which case this property has to be changed as a field on the element, rather than through setAttribute (this is true only for 'checked', 'multiple', 'muted', and 'selected')
  • defined (boolean) — the property is defined by a space. This is true for values in HTML (including data and ARIA), SVG, XML, XMLNS, and XLink. Undefined properties can only be found through find


hast is close to React, but differs in a couple of cases. To get a React property from a hast property, check if it is in hastToReact (Record<string, string>), if it is, then use the corresponding value, otherwise, use the hast property.


This package is fully typed with TypeScript. It exports the additional types Info and Schema.


This package is at least compatible with all maintained versions of Node.js. As of now, that is Node.js 14.14+ and 16.0+. It also works in Deno and modern browsers.


Property Attribute Space
aLink alink html
abbr abbr html
about about svg
accentHeight accent-height svg
accept accept html
acceptCharset accept-charset html
accessKey accesskey html
accumulate accumulate svg
action action html
additive additive svg
align align html
alignmentBaseline alignment-baseline svg
allow allow html
allowFullScreen allowfullscreen html
allowPaymentRequest allowpaymentrequest html
allowTransparency allowtransparency html
allowUserMedia allowusermedia html
alphabetic alphabetic svg
alt alt html
amplitude amplitude svg
arabicForm arabic-form svg
archive archive html
ariaActiveDescendant aria-activedescendant
ariaAtomic aria-atomic
ariaAutoComplete aria-autocomplete
ariaBusy aria-busy
ariaChecked aria-checked
ariaColCount aria-colcount
ariaColIndex aria-colindex
ariaColSpan aria-colspan
ariaControls aria-controls
ariaCurrent aria-current
ariaDescribedBy aria-describedby
ariaDetails aria-details
ariaDisabled aria-disabled
ariaDropEffect aria-dropeffect
ariaErrorMessage aria-errormessage
ariaExpanded aria-expanded
ariaFlowTo aria-flowto
ariaGrabbed aria-grabbed
ariaHasPopup aria-haspopup
ariaHidden aria-hidden
ariaInvalid aria-invalid
ariaKeyShortcuts aria-keyshortcuts
ariaLabel aria-label
ariaLabelledBy aria-labelledby
ariaLevel aria-level
ariaLive aria-live
ariaModal aria-modal
ariaMultiLine aria-multiline
ariaMultiSelectable aria-multiselectable
ariaOrientation aria-orientation
ariaOwns aria-owns
ariaPlaceholder aria-placeholder
ariaPosInSet aria-posinset
ariaPressed aria-pressed
ariaReadOnly aria-readonly
ariaRelevant aria-relevant
ariaRequired aria-required
ariaRoleDescription aria-roledescription
ariaRowCount aria-rowcount
ariaRowIndex aria-rowindex
ariaRowSpan aria-rowspan
ariaSelected aria-selected
ariaSetSize aria-setsize
ariaSort aria-sort
ariaValueMax aria-valuemax
ariaValueMin aria-valuemin
ariaValueNow aria-valuenow
ariaValueText aria-valuetext
as as html
ascent ascent svg
async async html
attributeName attributeName svg
attributeType attributeType svg
autoCapitalize autocapitalize html
autoComplete autocomplete html
autoCorrect autocorrect html
autoFocus autofocus html
autoPlay autoplay html
autoSave autosave html
axis axis html
azimuth azimuth svg
background background html
bandwidth bandwidth svg
baseFrequency baseFrequency svg
baseProfile baseProfile svg
baselineShift baseline-shift svg
bbox bbox svg
begin begin svg
bgColor bgcolor html
bias bias svg
blocking blocking html
border border html
borderColor bordercolor html
bottomMargin bottommargin html
by by svg
calcMode calcMode svg
capHeight cap-height svg
capture capture html
cellPadding cellpadding html
cellSpacing cellspacing html
char char html
charOff charoff html
charSet charset html
checked checked html
cite cite html
classId classid html
className class svg, html
clear clear html
clip clip svg
clipPath clip-path svg
clipPathUnits clipPathUnits svg
clipRule clip-rule svg
code code html
codeBase codebase html
codeType codetype html
colSpan colspan html
color color svg, html
colorInterpolation color-interpolation svg
colorInterpolationFilters color-interpolation-filters svg
colorProfile color-profile svg
colorRendering color-rendering svg
cols cols html
compact compact html
content content svg, html
contentEditable contenteditable html
contentScriptType contentScriptType svg
contentStyleType contentStyleType svg
controls controls html
controlsList controlslist html
coords coords html
crossOrigin crossorigin svg, html
cursor cursor svg
cx cx svg
cy cy svg
d d svg
data data html
dataType datatype svg
dateTime datetime html
declare declare html
decoding decoding html
default default html
defaultAction defaultAction svg
defer defer html
descent descent svg
diffuseConstant diffuseConstant svg
dir dir html
dirName dirname html
direction direction svg
disablePictureInPicture disablepictureinpicture html
disableRemotePlayback disableremoteplayback html
disabled disabled html
display display svg
divisor divisor svg
dominantBaseline dominant-baseline svg
download download svg, html
draggable draggable html
dur dur svg
dx dx svg
dy dy svg
edgeMode edgeMode svg
editable editable svg
elevation elevation svg
enableBackground enable-background svg
encType enctype html
end end svg
enterKeyHint enterkeyhint html
event event svg, html
exponent exponent svg
externalResourcesRequired externalResourcesRequired svg
face face html
fetchPriority fetchpriority html
fill fill svg
fillOpacity fill-opacity svg
fillRule fill-rule svg
filter filter svg
filterRes filterRes svg
filterUnits filterUnits svg
floodColor flood-color svg
floodOpacity flood-opacity svg
focusHighlight focusHighlight svg
focusable focusable svg
fontFamily font-family svg
fontSize font-size svg
fontSizeAdjust font-size-adjust svg
fontStretch font-stretch svg
fontStyle font-style svg
fontVariant font-variant svg
fontWeight font-weight svg
form form html
formAction formaction html
formEncType formenctype html
formMethod formmethod html
formNoValidate formnovalidate html
formTarget formtarget html
format format svg
fr fr svg
frame frame html
frameBorder frameborder html
from from svg
fx fx svg
fy fy svg
g1 g1 svg
g2 g2 svg
glyphName glyph-name svg
glyphOrientationHorizontal glyph-orientation-horizontal svg
glyphOrientationVertical glyph-orientation-vertical svg
glyphRef glyphRef svg
gradientTransform gradientTransform svg
gradientUnits gradientUnits svg
hSpace hspace html
handler handler svg
hanging hanging svg
hatchContentUnits hatchContentUnits svg
hatchUnits hatchUnits svg
headers headers html
height height svg, html
hidden hidden html
high high html
horizAdvX horiz-adv-x svg
horizOriginX horiz-origin-x svg
horizOriginY horiz-origin-y svg
href href svg, html
hrefLang hreflang svg, html
htmlFor for html
httpEquiv http-equiv html
id id svg, html
ideographic ideographic svg
imageRendering image-rendering svg
imageSizes imagesizes html
imageSrcSet imagesrcset html
in in svg
in2 in2 svg
inert inert html
initialVisibility initialVisibility svg
inputMode inputmode html
integrity integrity html
intercept intercept svg
is is html
isMap ismap html
itemId itemid html
itemProp itemprop html
itemRef itemref html
itemScope itemscope html
itemType itemtype html
k k svg
k1 k1 svg
k2 k2 svg
k3 k3 svg
k4 k4 svg
kernelMatrix kernelMatrix svg
kernelUnitLength kernelUnitLength svg
kerning kerning svg
keyPoints keyPoints svg
keySplines keySplines svg
keyTimes keyTimes svg
kind kind html
label label html
lang lang svg, html
language language html
leftMargin leftmargin html
lengthAdjust lengthAdjust svg
letterSpacing letter-spacing svg
lightingColor lighting-color svg
limitingConeAngle limitingConeAngle svg
link link html
list list html
loading loading html
local local svg
longDesc longdesc html
loop loop html
low low html
lowSrc lowsrc html
manifest manifest html
marginHeight marginheight html
marginWidth marginwidth html
markerEnd marker-end svg
markerHeight markerHeight svg
markerMid marker-mid svg
markerStart marker-start svg
markerUnits markerUnits svg
markerWidth markerWidth svg
mask mask svg
maskContentUnits maskContentUnits svg
maskUnits maskUnits svg
mathematical mathematical svg
max max svg, html
maxLength maxlength html
media media svg, html
mediaCharacterEncoding mediaCharacterEncoding svg
mediaContentEncodings mediaContentEncodings svg
mediaSize mediaSize svg
mediaTime mediaTime svg
method method svg, html
min min svg, html
minLength minlength html
mode mode svg
multiple multiple html
muted muted html
name name svg, html
navDown nav-down svg
navDownLeft nav-down-left svg
navDownRight nav-down-right svg
navLeft nav-left svg
navNext nav-next svg
navPrev nav-prev svg
navRight nav-right svg
navUp nav-up svg
navUpLeft nav-up-left svg
navUpRight nav-up-right svg
noHref nohref html
noModule nomodule html
noResize noresize html
noShade noshade html
noValidate novalidate html
noWrap nowrap html
nonce nonce html
numOctaves numOctaves svg
object object html
observer observer svg
offset offset svg
onAbort onabort svg, html
onActivate onactivate svg
onAfterPrint onafterprint svg, html
onAuxClick onauxclick html
onBeforeMatch onbeforematch html
onBeforePrint onbeforeprint svg, html
onBeforeToggle onbeforetoggle html
onBeforeUnload onbeforeunload html
onBegin onbegin svg
onBlur onblur html
onCanPlay oncanplay svg, html
onCanPlayThrough oncanplaythrough svg, html
onCancel oncancel svg, html
onChange onchange svg, html
onClick onclick svg, html
onClose onclose svg, html
onContextLost oncontextlost html
onContextMenu oncontextmenu html
onContextRestored oncontextrestored html
onCopy oncopy svg, html
onCueChange oncuechange svg, html
onCut oncut svg, html
onDblClick ondblclick svg, html
onDrag ondrag svg, html
onDragEnd ondragend svg, html
onDragEnter ondragenter svg, html
onDragExit ondragexit svg, html
onDragLeave ondragleave svg, html
onDragOver ondragover svg, html
onDragStart ondragstart svg, html
onDrop ondrop svg, html
onDurationChange ondurationchange svg, html
onEmptied onemptied svg, html
onEnd onend svg
onEnded onended svg, html
onError onerror svg, html
onFocus onfocus svg, html
onFocusIn onfocusin svg
onFocusOut onfocusout svg
onFormData onformdata html
onHashChange onhashchange svg, html
onInput oninput svg, html
onInvalid oninvalid svg, html
onKeyDown onkeydown svg, html
onKeyPress onkeypress svg, html
onKeyUp onkeyup svg, html
onLanguageChange onlanguagechange html
onLoad onload svg, html
onLoadEnd onloadend html
onLoadStart onloadstart svg, html
onLoadedData onloadeddata svg, html
onLoadedMetadata onloadedmetadata svg, html
onMessage onmessage svg, html
onMessageError onmessageerror html
onMouseDown onmousedown svg, html
onMouseEnter onmouseenter svg, html
onMouseLeave onmouseleave svg, html
onMouseMove onmousemove svg, html
onMouseOut onmouseout svg, html
onMouseOver onmouseover svg, html
onMouseUp onmouseup svg, html
onMouseWheel onmousewheel svg
onOffline onoffline svg, html
onOnline ononline svg, html
onPageHide onpagehide svg, html
onPageShow onpageshow svg, html
onPaste onpaste svg, html
onPause onpause svg, html
onPlay onplay svg, html
onPlaying onplaying svg, html
onPopState onpopstate svg, html
onProgress onprogress svg, html
onRateChange onratechange svg, html
onRejectionHandled onrejectionhandled html
onRepeat onrepeat svg
onReset onreset svg, html
onResize onresize svg, html
onScroll onscroll svg, html
onScrollEnd onscrollend html
onSecurityPolicyViolation onsecuritypolicyviolation html
onSeeked onseeked svg, html
onSeeking onseeking svg, html
onSelect onselect svg, html
onShow onshow svg
onSlotChange onslotchange html
onStalled onstalled svg, html
onStorage onstorage svg, html
onSubmit onsubmit svg, html
onSuspend onsuspend svg, html
onTimeUpdate ontimeupdate svg, html
onToggle ontoggle svg, html
onUnhandledRejection onunhandledrejection html
onUnload onunload svg, html
onVolumeChange onvolumechange svg, html
onWaiting onwaiting svg, html
onWheel onwheel html
onZoom onzoom svg
opacity opacity svg
open open html
operator operator svg
optimum optimum html
order order svg
orient orient svg
orientation orientation svg
origin origin svg
overflow overflow svg
overlay overlay svg
overlinePosition overline-position svg
overlineThickness overline-thickness svg
paintOrder paint-order svg
panose1 panose-1 svg
path path svg
pathLength pathLength svg
pattern pattern html
patternContentUnits patternContentUnits svg
patternTransform patternTransform svg
patternUnits patternUnits svg
phase phase svg
ping ping svg, html
pitch pitch svg
placeholder placeholder html
playbackOrder playbackorder svg
playsInline playsinline html
pointerEvents pointer-events svg
points points svg
pointsAtX pointsAtX svg
pointsAtY pointsAtY svg
pointsAtZ pointsAtZ svg
popover popover html
popoverTarget popovertarget html
popoverTargetAction popovertargetaction html
poster poster html
prefix prefix html
preload preload html
preserveAlpha preserveAlpha svg
preserveAspectRatio preserveAspectRatio svg
primitiveUnits primitiveUnits svg
profile profile html
prompt prompt html
propagate propagate svg
property property svg, html
r r svg
radius radius svg
readOnly readonly html
refX refX svg
refY refY svg
referrerPolicy referrerpolicy svg, html
rel rel svg, html
renderingIntent rendering-intent svg
repeatCount repeatCount svg
repeatDur repeatDur svg
required required html
requiredExtensions requiredExtensions svg
requiredFeatures requiredFeatures svg
requiredFonts requiredFonts svg
requiredFormats requiredFormats svg
resource resource svg
restart restart svg
result result svg
results results html
rev rev svg, html
reversed reversed html
rightMargin rightmargin html
role role
rotate rotate svg
rowSpan rowspan html
rows rows html
rules rules html
rx rx svg
ry ry svg
sandbox sandbox html
scale scale svg
scheme scheme html
scope scope html
scoped scoped html
scrolling scrolling html
seamless seamless html
security security html
seed seed svg
selected selected html
shadowRootDelegatesFocus shadowrootdelegatesfocus html
shadowRootMode shadowrootmode html
shape shape html
shapeRendering shape-rendering svg
side side svg
size size html
sizes sizes html
slope slope svg
slot slot html
snapshotTime snapshotTime svg
spacing spacing svg
span span html
specularConstant specularConstant svg
specularExponent specularExponent svg
spellCheck spellcheck html
spreadMethod spreadMethod svg
src src html
srcDoc srcdoc html
srcLang srclang html
srcSet srcset html
standby standby html
start start html
startOffset startOffset svg
stdDeviation stdDeviation svg
stemh stemh svg
stemv stemv svg
step step html
stitchTiles stitchTiles svg
stopColor stop-color svg
stopOpacity stop-opacity svg
strikethroughPosition strikethrough-position svg
strikethroughThickness strikethrough-thickness svg
string string svg
stroke stroke svg
strokeDashArray stroke-dasharray svg
strokeDashOffset stroke-dashoffset svg
strokeLineCap stroke-linecap svg
strokeLineJoin stroke-linejoin svg
strokeMiterLimit stroke-miterlimit svg
strokeOpacity stroke-opacity svg
strokeWidth stroke-width svg
style style svg, html
summary summary html
surfaceScale surfaceScale svg
syncBehavior syncBehavior svg
syncBehaviorDefault syncBehaviorDefault svg
syncMaster syncMaster svg
syncTolerance syncTolerance svg
syncToleranceDefault syncToleranceDefault svg
systemLanguage systemLanguage svg
tabIndex tabindex svg, html
tableValues tableValues svg
target target svg, html
targetX targetX svg
targetY targetY svg
text text html
textAnchor text-anchor svg
textDecoration text-decoration svg
textLength textLength svg
textRendering text-rendering svg
timelineBegin timelinebegin svg
title title svg, html
to to svg
topMargin topmargin html
transform transform svg
transformBehavior transformBehavior svg
transformOrigin transform-origin svg
translate translate html
type type svg, html
typeMustMatch typemustmatch html
typeOf typeof svg
u1 u1 svg
u2 u2 svg
underlinePosition underline-position svg
underlineThickness underline-thickness svg
unicode unicode svg
unicodeBidi unicode-bidi svg
unicodeRange unicode-range svg
unitsPerEm units-per-em svg
unselectable unselectable html
useMap usemap html
vAlign valign html
vAlphabetic v-alphabetic svg
vHanging v-hanging svg
vIdeographic v-ideographic svg
vLink vlink html
vMathematical v-mathematical svg
vSpace vspace html
value value html
valueType valuetype html
values values svg
vectorEffect vector-effect svg
version version svg, html
vertAdvY vert-adv-y svg
vertOriginX vert-origin-x svg
vertOriginY vert-origin-y svg
viewBox viewBox svg
viewTarget viewTarget svg
visibility visibility svg
width width svg, html
widths widths svg
wordSpacing word-spacing svg
wrap wrap html
writingMode writing-mode svg
x x svg
x1 x1 svg
x2 x2 svg
xChannelSelector xChannelSelector svg
xHeight x-height svg
xLinkActuate xlink:actuate xlink
xLinkArcRole xlink:arcrole xlink
xLinkHref xlink:href xlink
xLinkRole xlink:role xlink
xLinkShow xlink:show xlink
xLinkTitle xlink:title xlink
xLinkType xlink:type xlink
xmlBase xml:base xml
xmlLang xml:lang xml
xmlSpace xml:space xml
xmlns xmlns xmlns
xmlnsXLink xmlns:xlink xmlns
y y svg
y1 y1 svg
y2 y2 svg
yChannelSelector yChannelSelector svg
z z svg
zoomAndPan zoomAndPan svg


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MIT © Titus Wormer

Derivative work based on React licensed under MIT, © Facebook, Inc.

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