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    bramstein/promis (minified version) for nodejs and browser. Packaged for benchmarks. Very pretty and tiny but one of the slowest in Bluebird's benchmarks. It supports the full Promise API specification.

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    Install with npm

    $ npm install promistein

    Promises/A+ 1.1

    Run to be sure

    $ npm test


    The constructor is called with a single function argument.

    var promise = new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {

    Instances of a Promise have two methods available: then and catch. The then method is used to add callbacks for when the promise is resolved or rejected.

    promise.then(function (x) {
      console.log('value is', x);
    }, function (r) {
      console.log('reason is', r);

    The catch method is used the catch rejected promises in a more convenient way.

    promise.catch(function (r) {
      console.log('reason is', r);

    Both methods return a new Promise that can be used for chaining.

    The Promise class also has four class methods: resolve, reject, race and all. The resolve and reject methods are a convenient way of creating already settled promises:

    var resolved = Promise.resolve('hello');
    var rejected = Promise.reject('bye');

    The race method can be used to "race" two or more promises against each other. The returned promises is settled with the result of the first promise that settles.

    // first will be resolved with 'hello'
    var first = Promise.race([new Promise(function (resolve) {
      setTimeout(function () {
      }, 1000);
    }), Promise.resolve('hello')]);

    The all method waits for all promises given to it to resolve and then resolves the promise with the result of all of them.

    // all is settles with ['hello', 'world']
    var all = Promise.all([Promise.resolve('hello'), Promise.resolve('world')]);

    Authors & Contributors author tips

    Charlike Mike Reagent

    License MIT license

    Copyright (c) 2014 Charlike Mike Reagent, contributors.
    Released under the MIT license.


    npm i promistein

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