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A nice wrapper around <a href="">TJ Holowaychuck's</a> <a href="">node-progress</a> with chaining, domains, and steps

Progress Bar

A nice wrapper around TJ Holowaychuck's node-progress with chaining, domains, and steps

Node, Browserify

  • Use: require('progressbar')
  • Install: npm install --save progressbar


  • Use: require('progressbar')
  • Install: ender add progressbar
var ProgressBar = require('progressbar').ProgressBar;
var progress = new ProgressBar();
.step('the task you are currently performing')
  • step(step) - set the step, resets the total and the tick
  • setTick(ticks) - set the completed ticks
  • addTick() - add 1 to the completed ticks
  • getTick() - get the completed ticks
  • setTotal(total) - set the total ticks
  • addTotal() - add 1 to the total ticks
  • getTotal() - get the total ticks
  • finish() - finish manually, will destroy the progress bar

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