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    Redis adapter for primus-rooms. Provides integration with metroplex and omega-supreme to allow for multiple servers support.


    $ npm install primus-rooms-redis-adapter --save

    Getting started

    The adapter relies on ioredis for the redis connection, if an incorrect instance is provided the adapter will throw an error

    'use strict';
    var Primus = require('primus');
    var Redis = require('ioredis');
    var Adapter = require('primus-rooms-redis-adapter');
    var redis = new Redis(/* options */);
    var adapter = new Adapter(redis, {/* options */});

    Once the adapter has been initialized it can be used to initialize the primus-rooms plugin.

    // as an argument 
    var primus = new Primus(http, {
      transformer: 'websockets',
      rooms: {adapter: adapter},
      plugin: {
        'rooms': require('primus-rooms'),
    // or by setting the property
    primus.adapter = new Adapter();

    Metroplex and Omega-Supreme Integration

    If you are using metroplex and omega-supreme plugins, you can use the config function to allow the adapter to handle the broadcasting, removing and other things related to the multiple servers setup.

    Example Metroplex and Omega-Supreme configuration

    var options = {
      metroplexOmegaSupreme: true,
      primus: primus,
    adapter.config(options, function(){
      console.log('clean exit');
    // or 


    new Adapter(redis, [options])

    The constructor allows you to initialize the adapter. It requires an ioredis instance connected to a redis db.

    The following (optional) options can be provided:

    Name Type Description Default
    namespace String namespace to use in redis storage bumblebee
    metroplexOmegaSupreme Boolean Use omega-supreme to broadcast to all servers through metroplex false

    adapter.config([options], [cb])

    Function to configure the adapter, allows for setting flags as well as enabling clean exit logic on app termination. To add the listeners for cleanExit a primus instance must be passed in.

    Note: Preforming cleanExit can take a while especially if the http server timeout is set too high. The reason for that is due to node design, see issue #2642. I recommend setting http server timeout to based on the server load higher load longer time to finish up sending data to the user. To set the time out use require('http').createServer().setTimeout(x); where x is the timeout duration you want to allow a keep-alive request to be in idle before terminating it.

    Name Type Description Default
    metroplexOmegaSupreme Boolean Use omega-supreme to broadcast to all servers through metroplex initilized value
    primus Object Primus instance to be used to preform clean exit undefined
    cb Function Callback function after a clean exit is preformed undefined


    npm i primus-rooms-redis-adapter

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