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    primo-explore-unpaywall npm package

    Add 'Open Access available via unpaywall' link to search-result-availability-line-after in Primo New UI


    On Item Display... /primo-explore/fulldisplay unpaywall-link_fulldisplay

    On Results List (optionally)... /primo-explore/search unpaywall-link_results-list



    • We created this add-on to increase open access to online records for our patrons.
    • This helps to increase overall access to our user whether or not they're logged in or we subscribe to the content in the results (e.g. "Primo Central Index - Include Results with no full-text")
    • At BU, this results in around 50,000 additional open access links a week added exclusively to items that are not marked as oa

    unpaywall API usage

    • This functionality is made possible by a call to's API (e.g.{doi}?email={email}").
    • Its rate limits are extremely leniant (100,000 calls a day), and we never hit them (we do around half of that), but your mileage may vary (depending on how many of your results have DOIs [see 'How it Works' below]).
    • If you do hit the limit, set showOnResultsPage to false. [see 'Additional Customization']
    • note: this project is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with the unpaywall organization


    • This customization was inspired by and originally developed on top of alliance-pcsg's primo-explore-oadoi-link customization, and owes very much to their great work.
    • While we did seek to recontribute our changes to that repository (and not create our own 'fork' of it) and did end up creating a pull request.
    • We decided to publish our's independently for the following reasons:
      • increased flexibility/control: having our own npm package allows us to make changes more quickly
      • sufficient distinction: our package uses the same API with a similar approach, but...
        • has entirely different templates/displays
        • is loaded into a different component/location on different pages (full-view-service-container-after vs search-result-availability-line-after)
        • has additional logging functionality and customizations
        • shared little code with the original project (pre-merge) and required an entirely new app.module anyway.
        • duplicates the functionality of the original package (would show the same link twice on the same page (/primo-explore/fulldisplay)
      • maintenance and versioning: having our own project ensures we don't affecting existing users and can version our work as we go

    How it Works

    Wherever a <prm-search-result-availability-after> tag appears (/primo-explore/search, /primo-explore/fulldisplay), we...

    1. look in its parentController (prmSearchResultAvailability) for the item info contained in it's result variable
    2. if there's a doi (doi) in there and it's not already marked as open access (oa)* use it to make a call to the afore-mentioned unpaywall api.
    3. if that call ends up being successful, look for an open access download link (
    4. if it has that, grab the url for it and place it right beneath the other "Online Access Available" link.

    note: (*) you can override this OA check (so that a call is made wherever a DOI is found) by setting overrideOACheck in your unpaywallConfig


    Adding the Package to your view in primo-explore

    run the following command from within your view's main directory to add it as a dependency.

    $ npm install --save-dev primo-explore-unpaywall

    this should add the following line to your package.json file...


    and add the contents of this repository (at that npm version) into a node_modules/primo-explore-unpaywall directory for your current view. the presence of this package should mean that the package was successfully installed and added to your project.

    Installing/Importing it

    from here you'll have to edit your main.js (or config.module.js) file to import the package, and add bulibUnpaywall to the dependencies inside of your 'viewCustom' module.

    import 'primo-explore-unpaywall';
    angular.module('viewCustom', ['angularLoad', 'bulibUnpaywall']);

    to protect against the situation in which you already have a component for prmSearchResultAvailabilityLineAfter, you'll also have to add a <bulib-unpaywall></bulib-unpaywall> component as such:

    app.component('prmSearchResultAvailabilityLineAfter', {
      template: '<bulib-unpaywall></bulib-unpaywall>'

    note: an example of the setup for this can be seen in the .main.js file

    Configuring via unpaywallConfiguration

    to afford you with as much control as possible (and since we needed you to add your email for the unpaywall API call to work anyway), we've added some configuration options that you'll need to set up in order to run the package effectively

    our package attempts to read its options as variables within a constant object attached to the primo angular module (app). to get this packaged to work, simply create a new constant with the name unpaywallConfig, specifying the email you'd like us to append to your unpaywall request:

    // main.js
    app.constant('unpaywallConfig', { "email":"<your_username>@<your_institution>.edu" });

    Additional Customization

    the following table describes describes some additional configuration options that are currently afforded to you by the package. an example implementation of this section can be found within this repo at src/.main.js:

    name default description
    logEvent see example here's an opportunity to hook in whatever event tracking you have, (we use google analytics)
    showOnResultsPage true determine whether the link is added to each item in the list of results
    overrideOACheck false disable the addata.oa check so that the unpaywall check runs on all items with an available DOI
    showVersionLabel true sometimes the unpaywall OA response qualifies the stage of publication the work was OA-available in (Submitted, Published, Accepted)
    logToConsole true controls whether or not messages about what's going on in the component are console.log()-ed (visible in inspector)
    showDebugTable false the debug table is a quick way to see unpaywall response data for the record in context a really ugly way (used to help troubleshoot, not meant for end users)
    publishEvents false we use this variable within our sample implementation to ensure only real traffic is tracked (not us debugging/developing/testing)
    labelText see above Text/copy for the main call-to-action
    imageUrl null Alternative image to display with unpaywall link
    imageStyle see example CSS tweaking to style whatever image you've chosen

    note: the default for logEvent can be found within this repo at src/.main.js. it assumes you're using google analytics and calls it via


    You're more than welcome to fork this repository, make some changes, and contribute it back by creating a pull request.

    If you have any issues with this package or ideas for how to make it better, don't hesitate to let us know by submitting a new issue.

    In both of these cases, it would help us if you make sure to add on the appropriate labels (including especially unpaywall) so that we can keep track of what your pull request or issue relates to.

    If you get stuck, send us a message on our gitter, and we'll try to help you out.


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