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    PostCSS Markdown Syntax

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    PostCSS syntax for parsing Markdown

    Getting Started

    First thing's first, install the module:

    npm install postcss-markdown --save-dev

    If you want support SCSS/SASS/LESS/SugarSS syntax, you need to install the corresponding module.

    Use Cases

    const postcss = require("postcss");
    const syntax = require("postcss-markdown")({
        // Enable support for HTML (default: true)
        htmlInMd: true,
        // syntax for parse scss (non-required options)
        scss: require("postcss-scss"),
        // syntax for parse less (non-required options)
        less: require("postcss-less"),
        // syntax for parse css blocks (non-required options)
        css: require("postcss-safe-parser"),
    const autoprefixer = require("autoprefixer");
        .process(source, { syntax: syntax })
        .then(function (result) {
            // An alias for the result.css property. Use it with syntaxes that generate non-CSS output.


    # title
    ::placeholder {
        color: gray;


    # title
    ::-moz-placeholder {
        color: gray;
    :-ms-input-placeholder {
        color: gray;
    ::placeholder {
        color: gray;

    If you want support SCSS/SASS/LESS/SugarSS syntax, you need to install these module:

    Advanced Use Cases


    const options = {
        rules: [
                // custom language
                test: /^postcss$/i,
                lang: "scss",
                // custom language
                test: /^customcss$/i,
                lang: "custom",
        // custom parser for CSS (using `postcss-safe-parser`)
        css: "postcss-safe-parser",
        // custom parser for SASS (PostCSS-compatible syntax.)
        sass: require("postcss-sass"),
        // custom parser for SCSS (by module name)
        scss: "postcss-scss",
        // custom parser for LESS (by module path)
        less: require.resolve("./node_modules/postcss-less"),
        // custom parser for SugarSS
        sugarss: require("sugarss"),
        // custom parser for custom language
        custom: require("postcss-custom-syntax"),
    const syntax = require("postcss-markdown")(options);

    Turning PostCSS off from within your Markdown

    PostCSS can be temporarily turned off by using special comments in your Markdown. For example:

    <!-- postcss-ignore -->
    a {
        color: red;

    Linting with Stylelint

    The main use case of this plugin is to apply linting with Stylelint to CSS (and CSS-like) code blocks in markdown file.

    You can use it by configuring your stylelint config as follows:

        "overrides": [
                "files": ["*.md", "**/*.md"],
                "customSyntax": "postcss-markdown"

    Editor integrations

    Visual Studio Code

    Use the stylelint.vscode-stylelint extension that Stylelint provides officially.

    You have to configure the stylelint.validate option of the extension to check .md files, because the extension does not check the *.md file by default.

    Example .vscode/settings.json:

      "stylelint.validate": [
          // ↓ Add "markdown" language.


    npm i postcss-markdown

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